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1920 Camping Trip


This is a group of girls who found the summer in 1920 as ideal for a camping trip. The girls were: Marie Lipscomb, Colleen and Euphama Ford, Lola Wilson, Ava Smith, Ruth Wood, Elsie and Minnie Daniels. They were accompanied by Mrs. H. U. Freeman and Mrs. Grant Dixon and her daughter Gene. The expedition began on a Saturday morning and they went nine More...

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Commenence Exercises 2
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Commencement Exercises for Thomas High Schoo

This is a copy of the Commencement Exercises for Thomas High School held at the Thomas High School Gymnasium on Wednesday, May 24, 1944 at 8 P.M. The Sponsors were Virginia Boyer and Mary Taylor. The class colors More...

Bill Bonner
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William Stuart Bonner

This is a photo of William Stuart Bonner. He was a son of Asa and Melvina Bonner of the Flanagan Hill Area.  He worked in the woods cutting trees and the like until he entered the Military.  He enrolled in the More...

Dandy Lions 1
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Dandy Lions

This is a booklet on The “Dandy Lions” Club at Parsons Graded School, organized January 1960 and sponsored by the River City Garden Club and Mountaineer Garden Club. Officers were: Pres. Pamela Collins, More...

turners tidbits 3
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Women Spies in Civil War

Tucker Woman Recalls Part Women Spies Played in Civil War.  This is the first of a three part installment that relays some important Tucker County History. This information was relayed in 1935 by Sarah L. Day, More...

turners tidbits postcard
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Tony Row

  This is a photo of a tornado that hit Thomas June 23, 1944. This is the area of Thomas called “Tony Row”. Many homes were completely destroyed and some were severely damaged. There were three people More...

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Babcock’s Box Factory

  This is a photo of  Babcock’s Box Factory in Davis printed by the F. S. Johnston Drug Co. and is postmarked July 5, 1914. In the early years, everything was shipped; thus, the need for wooden boxes More...

Thomas Elem. Class of 49-50
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Third grade at Thomas Elementary 1949-50

This is a photo of the third grade at Thomas Elementary 1949-50. top row: Miss Solena Massi, Frank Perkins, Bonnie White, Allen Moravia, Sharon Helgensen, Jerry Lambert, Phyllis Ann Moore, Carl Merhar, Joan Parsons More...