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Volume 119 No. 21
Wednesday, June 4, 2014
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Parsons Woman
Charged with Child
By Teri Cayton
The Parsons Advocate
On Friday, May 23 at 10
a.m., Trooper J.E. Kopec
responded to a call on
Central Avenue in Parsons
where a small child was
not clothed and walking
shortly after, observing
an unclothed child pedal-
ing a bicycle on Central
Avenue and approximately
75 yards from US219. The
child only had on a diaper.
The child crossed the street
on a bike without looking
and walked into an apart-
ment nearby.
The child walked out of
the apartment and Kopec
asked the child where he
lived. The child walked
Kopec to his house which
was approximately 100 to
150 yards away. Kopec
observed all the doors to be
open. Kopec knocked on
the door for approximately
one minute with no answer.
Kopec asked the child to go
get his mother.
Board of Ed Approves
Budget After Cuts Are Made
Both the girls and boys high school track teammembers were honored as state champs at the recent BOE meeting.
By Penny Ellison
The Parsons Advocate
The Tucker County
Board of Education met in
Special Session this past
week at Davis Thomas
Elementary Middle School
for a public hearing on the
2014-2015 budget.
Janet Preston called the
meeting to order with all
but one board member
Following a color guard
by the Girl Scout Troop
#4091, the pledge was said.
Following the approval of
the agenda for the special
session and having no del-
egations, the board moved
on to new business where
financial director Dave
Lambert gave a report on
the proposed budget.
Lambert reported that due
to an expected $100,000
shortfall, that he and Super-
intendent Campbell met
and made budget cuts in
many different areas. Some
of the cuts listed were:
$27,000 in maintenance,
$44,000 in salaries (largely
due to retirement of staff),
$21,000 in transportation,
office, $4,000 in Fiscal Ser-
vices office, and $1,000 in
Legal. These cuts along
with an expected $14,000
increase in some of the rev-
enues worked to offset the
projected shortfall.
report, the Special Session
meeting adjourned.
The floor was then turned
over to Tucker County
High School Principal Jay
Hamric and Girls' Track
Coach Shane Eakle who
gave a presentation honor-
ing our high school track
team. The team boast
eleven state champions this
year and forty-one all state
medals, which is a new
school record.
Daryla Rapp then took
the floor and gave out
many awards to deserv-
ing students at the school.
Davis Man Charged
with Sexual Abuse
By Teri Cayton
The Parsons Advocate
A Davis man has been
charged with Sexual Abuse
first degree, a felony; Child
Neglect with risk of injury,
a felony; and one count
contributing alcohol to a
minor, a misdemeanor.
On Monday, May 26,
Brian Anthony Craft, 38,
of Davis, allegedly gave a
15 year old female juve-
nile five white pills that
the defendant advised was
tramadol, a prescription
pain medication, after giv-
ing her large amounts of
liquor, namely Vodka.
The victim advised that
the defendant also alleg-
edly handed her marijuana
and had her smoke it. The
victim advised that she got
to a state where she did not
know what was going on,
and the defendant forcibly
and repeatedly kissed her
on the mouth and used his
hand to fondle her buttocks.
The victim advised that
the defendant allegedly
wanted to have sexual
intercourse, and after being
told to stop, he continued to
forcibly kiss and fondle her.
The victim said she yelled
for help and the other resi-
dence did not come to help
The juvenile allegedly
reached a point of uncon-
sciousness and does not
remember anything else at
the defendant’s residence.
She was carried to her
residence where she was
delivered to her mother in a
semi-conscious state.
Craft has been charged
with two felonies and was
arrested by Cpl. D.W.
Burge, of the Parsons
Detachment of the West
Virginia State Police. He
is in the Tygart Valley
Regional Jail on a $40,500
cash only bond.
Community Members Volunteer
Time to Improve Thomas Trails
On Saturday, May 17,
about 36 Thomas and
Tucker County commu-
nity members came out for
an afternoon of volunteer
trail work on the Thomas
Trails. Co-hosted by com-
munity non-profit, New
Historic Thomas, and local
business, Canaan Valley
Lawn & Landscape, vol-
unteers dug post holes,
set sign posts, and hung
new trail signs (signs cre-
ated by Randy Davis and
painted by Rob Stull and
Evan Supak) at intersec-
tions along the five miles
of the hiking/biking trail
system. The trails were also
cleared of debris, extra trail
blazes were hung, and trash
was collected. The Thomas
Trails system and Thomas
City Park can be accessed
by the gravel road on the
right just after crossing the
219S bridge from Thomas,
heading towards Parsons.
After the trail work,
New Historic Thomas and
Canaan Valley Lawn &
Landscape hosted a com-
munity picnic to thank the
volunteers for their hard
work and to encourage
involvement in New His-
toric Thomas activities.
Generous donations toward
the picnic festivities came
from a variety of local busi-
nesses including: Sirianni’s
Pizza Café, Hellbender
Burritos, Mountain State
Brewing Company, Tip
Top Coffee, Shop N Save,
and Kingsford Charcoal.
Ben Neustadt of Canaan
Valley Lawn & Landscape
donated his expertise, time,
and tool use during the trail
New Historic Thomas is
a 501(c)3 non-profit com-
munity group dedicated
to revitalizing the City of
Thomas by preserving its
history, cultural heritage,
and resources that make the
city unique. To get involved
in New Historic Thomas
or for more information,
please visit the website at
Ambulance Authority
Presents Plan of
Action and Budget
By Lois Lambert
The Parsons Advocate
Vote Re-count
Doesn't Change
By Penny Ellison
The Parsons Advocate
The recent vote re-count
failed to yield hoped for
results for two different
parties. Re-counts were
held on behalf of both
Tucker County School
Board and candidate Ken
Auvil. The Board of Edu-
cation requested the levy
vote counted and Auvil
who was running for West
Virginia House of Del-
egates 47th District asked
for a re-count on certain
precincts in Tucker County.
Both items failed during
the original count by minis-
cule numbers and both par-
ties felt the race was close
enough to merit a re-count.
They were willing to put up
a bond of $300.00 each and
costs, which they would
lose if the count went
against them.
The re-count was held in
County Commission meet-
ing room, 3rd floor of the
Courthouse Annex. Sherry
Kathy Kahler, speak-
ing on behalf of the
Tucker County Ambulance
Authority, presented a plan
of action for the improve-
ment of the ambulance ser-
vices to the county. This
plan includes the closing
of Station Two, with all
crews transferred to Sta-
tion Three. No cuts will
be made to staffing! The
plan further addresses the
need to improve response
times, balance the budget,
employee salaries, on-call
and volunteer staffing.
More details on the plan
will be forthcoming with
a possible press release at
a later date. Kahler stated
that she wanted the com-
missioners to have the
opportunity to study the
plan before details were
released to the public and
that she would be available
for any questions. The
Authority Board also pre-
sented their new “Balanced
Budget” to the commission.
Barbara Sauer spoke
to the commissioners on
behalf of Central West Vir-
ginia Aging. She wanted
the commissioners and pub-
lic to be aware of the Senior
Thomas, WV Awarded
$200,000 U.S. EPA Brownfields
Assessment Grant
Photo courtesy Green Rivers
Mayor Matt Quattro and other stakeholders standing
on the riverfront park property that will receive a Phase
II environmental assessment because of the grant, as
a part of the larger Thomas Riverfront Park Develop-
ment Plan.
The U.S. Environmental
ProtectionAgency (EPA) has
selected the City of Thomas
in Tucker County, WV for
a 2014 Brownfields Assess-
ment Grant of
These ar commu
hazardous substances grant
funds and will be used to
conduct up to seven Phase I
and up to four Phase II envi-
ronmental site assessments.
Grant funds also will be used
to prepare up to five cleanup
Supported by the city,
1 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,...12
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