Knowledge is power

Dear  Editor, Knowledge is power.  My purpose is to impart knowledge and truth.  Isn’t that.

Letter to the Editor

As a Veteran, and West Point graduate, I am encouraged by every citizen who celebrated.

Allegheny Highlands Trail

Editor Since the northern-most trailhead of the Allegheny Highlands Trail is in Parsons, the town.

Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is More Important Now Than Ever!

During times of stress many of us turn to nature to find peace. Maybe it’s.

Senator Capito

Dear Editor, Senator Capito is up for re-nomination in this year’s primary. This letter is.

DAR honors our local heroes

Dear Editor, For those who are familiar with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR),.

Asian Americans

Editor, Our family has watched with horror as racist acts against Asian Americans, some violent.

COVID-19 pandemic as it affects Tucker County

Editor, This letter is an appeal related to the current COVID-19 pandemic as it affects.

A Veterinarian’s Perspective on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Like most people I am concerned about the health and well-being of my family (two.

We Get Letters

Dear Editor, I recently read the article about the music therapist at Cortland Acres singing.