Luzier’s Open Bargain Warehouse in Davis

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Louie’s Bargain Warehouse is calling 437 William Avenue home as they have recently taken the place of the former My Grandpa’s Attic.  The new business is situated next to the Davis Post Office on Front Street.  Dustin and Sarah Luzier owners of the new business, stated, “We bought the building back in April and realized how great of a retail commercial space it would be, sitting right off the main road in Davis.”  D. Luzier said, “Davis has so much foot traffic with the local eateries we knew we would have solid business.”

“We sell all brand new items from furniture to mattress to sporting goods to electronics and anything in between,” he said, but the biggest attraction are prices at Louie’s Bargain Warehouse are approximately 50% of suggested retail price.  “I feel this is a need in our community because we have no place to go get anything like this. Our local residents have been coming and getting different things from us and they seem to be excited we are here,” D. Luzier commented.

And he’s right.  There are few places in our county that offer a selection such as this.  Besides our local grocers and dollar store options, there are very few retailers to make purchases for items such as these.  “I feel Louie’s Bargain Warehouse is a great opportunity for locals and visitors to get everyday items they need for half off retail cost. All of our items are 50% off retail and we try to get new truckloads in every few weeks to keep the inventory new,” said D. Luzier.  “ We have everything from bedroom sets, kitchen tables, toys, electronics, sporting goods, mattress and so much more,” which we all know are items not easily accessible in our small towns.

However, the excitement doesn’t end there.  The Luzier’s own the building, not just the store space of Louie’s.  D. Luzier explained, “We are also using the building for other businesses in the area so we will have different business at one place for people to stop by and check out.”  Bringing life back to the streets of these small towns are what these local business owners are trying to do and it’s comforting to see entrepreneurs commit to an investment in our area.

Louie’s Bargain Warehouse is expecting a new shipment to arrive on Tuesday, August 6 which consists of furniture, beds, mattresses, dressers, tables, outdoor furniture, and much more.  To access the store, the Luzier’s request patrons use the side walkway entrance and stop by to see their inventory.  You can also search for Louie’s Bargain Warehouse on Facebook where they often offer discounts and giveaways.


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