Letter to the Editor

As a Veteran, and West Point graduate, I am encouraged by every citizen who celebrated our Nation’s independence on the fourth of July. Now we need to continue that patriotic spirit by registering to vote. Voting to elect our government is one of the most fundamental, patriotic duties of every citizen.

That said, I am extremely disappointed in the current administration. I will highlight two areas of concern:

As veterans, we serve our country, sometimes at the risk of our lives, in return for support, care, and leadership from our government. In recent days reports of Russia posting bounties on the lives of coalition and US forces have come to light. Rather than take action to protect our troops, the administration ignored this Russian aggression. Worse, they called for a reduction in US forces serving in Germany, thus weakening the NATO alliance. The administration also extended an invitation for Russia to return to the G7 Summit – despite Russia’s dismissal for the illegal annexation of Crimea and attacking the Ukraine in 2014. I am genuinely worried that our Commander-in-Chief does not have the best interests of our country or our troops at heart.

The administration’s leadership in handling the COVID-19 pandemic has been dreadful. Our leaders do not lead by example and do not provide clear guidance to the public, state, or local officials. The consequences are over 125,000 dead, 2.6 million known infected, and a curve that is trending in the wrong direction. This negatively impacts our economy, our military readiness, and our national psyche. Yes we were attacked by an “invisible enemy,” but this administration was slow to respond and now appears to have surrendered altogether.

Military officers, as well as the president, swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Our president has shown little regard for his oath. He repeatedly insults our allies while cozying up to dictators and adversaries. Maybe worse, he shows little regard for the health and safety of his constituents. His actions, or lack thereof, have weakened and continue to weaken our nation, both domestically and internationally. Our future depends on a strong and stable United States. A United States where oaths and commitments are kept. We as citizens have the power to affect change and the obligation to vote to make change happen.

Alan Tomson, West Point class of 1975
Davis, West Virginia

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