Momma Said

By Teri Cayton

The Parsons Advocate

Gracie has come up with another way to aggravate me. Along with her digging up everything, jumping on me and eating poop, she has now found that she can make a huge mess by putting her snout in the water bowl and blowing bubbles. I don’t know what this accomplishes but she sure has fun doing it.  Momma Said, “She is a child only a mother can love!!”

I had the best dogs anyone could want until Amber came into my life.  She is now three years old and has settled down some.  She just hates thunder and fireworks.  I hope I don’t have to wait two and a half years for Gracie to grow out her crazy ways.  I may lose my mind by then.  She is growing very fast and is as stubborn as ever.

I have had some interesting comments on my article from last week.  I can assure that I will not get rid of any of my animals because of their behavior.  Gracie is here to stay and I will do my best to convince her that she is a good girl.  Deep down in that fuzzy head is a brain that is for sure always working.  I want to tap into that if I can get her to concentrate on one thing at a time.  Momma Said, “If for no other reason than to prove to myself that I can do it.”

I love all my animals for better or worse, they are here to stay.  I can’t just throw an animal away like a piece of trash.  They are living and breathing entities and I am stubborn enough (just like Mom) to say to everyone, “I tole you so!!!”

P.S.  This paper comes out on what would have been Mom’s 87th birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom, you are missed by all who knew you.  I love you.

Lazy Man’s Pie- Peach Cobbler

1 stick butter or margarine
1 C. milk
1 C. sugar
1 C. flour
1 tsp. baking powder
Dash of salt
1 qt. fruit, sweetened (peaches, cherries, blackberries, etc)
Melt butter in baking pan. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and milk. Pour batter in pan on top of butter; cover with fruit. Do not stir; batter will rise to top as it bakes and absorbs the flavor of the fruit. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Serve warm with whipped cream or ice cream. So easy!

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