Turner’s Tidbits

This photo is of D. E. Crosten and some other officers along with a cuffed prisoner. This photo was from Weirton where Mr. Crosten was sent to work with the prosecuting attorney there for two years. While he was there, he broke up one of the largest moonshine and rum-runner rings in the state. The still was found in a large house in a secret room operated by a foreigner who could not speak or read English. When his wife figured out the Crosten was trying to arrest him, she tried to kill Crosten. He overpowered her and took a small pistol away from her. In the still house there were 2 two-hundred-gallon stills, 40,000 gallons of mash, 1,000 gallons of whiskey and 2,000 pounds of sugar. Ideas, comments, photos to share contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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