Turner’s Tidbits

This is a rerun of the photo from last week as I have gained more information concerning it. There is more history in the photo than I originally thought. May 26, 1969 was a big day in Parsons. It was the day the Tucker County Bank vault was moved from its old location on the corner of Front Street to its new home in the newly constructed Tucker County Bank. Eventually, The Tucker County Bank ceased business and the building became the home of Citizens National Bank. The vault was moved out of its old location on Front Street by Dewey Wilfong using an old Ford Backhoe. The vault was loaded onto the wagon and carried down to its new location. The mules were provided by Engle Moore, father of Lowell Moore. The wagon belonged to Buford Nestor. Carl Wolfe hauled the mules down to the Parsons Depot and unloaded them and hitched them to the wagon. Seated on the wagon are Engle Moore and Lowell Moore. Engle appears to be talking to Dice Kisamore. Standing behind Lowell is Carl Wolfe and barely visible behind Carl is David Hedrick. Sheriff Mary Jane Hedrick is standing in front of the bank vault holding a gun. The men on the ground in front of Mary Jane are Dale Crosten, Hubert Lake, and Bill Judy. The man behind the wagon in the suit with his face turned toward the crowd is Denzel Kee and the guy with the camera around his neck is thought to be Eddie McDonald. Ideas, comments or photos to share contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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