Commission Unhappy with Message Portrayed to Youth

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate
            The Tucker County Commission had a shorter agenda at their recent meeting that began with a prayer by Reverend James Sherman and The Pledge of Allegiance.  The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved with a motion by Commissioner Jon Bush with Commissioner Fred Davis and Commission President Lowell Moore both in favor.
            Moore addressed the audience and guests first, beginning with Tucker County Fair Board President Daniele Wilfong, who was present for a funding request.  Even though the Tucker County Fair has been canceled per orders from W.Va. Governor Jim Justice, a private livestock show and sale will still take place.  To allow buyers to pay via credit or debit card at the sale, Wilfong is requesting $1,400 from the commission to purchase a card reading kit.  Moore said after conferring with his colleagues, “We’re going to agree on this one Daniele, but I’ve got an issue with the T-shirts you’ve got out.”  Wilfong replied, “Yeah, they’re not out anymore, the post is still out on Facebook but it’s over.”  “I want to tell you, that’s Tucker County youth week down there, and that is not youth language, please don’t put that out there,” Moore stated.  Wilfong responded that it was changed from saying fair to mud bog and that they’re two separate entities, and continued saying, “I will tell you Lowell that shirt sold twice over the other one, and it would’ve raised, you know, close to $1,000 towards our, I understand your concern, but.”  “Please don’t put that out there for our youth,” Moore reiterated.  “OK,” responded Wilfong.  He stated that there is nothing wrong with the shirts, just that word should have been omitted.  In reference to the purchase of the card reader, County Clerk Sherry Simmons requested a receipt from the Fair Board once purchased.
            Stan Dragovich was present again on behalf of the Leadmine Cert Team requesting five, two-way radios to assist emergency responders in the area.  Discussion was held between the commission and OEM Director Kevin White, who agrees that the communication devices are needed.  Moore stated the commission will purchase the radios for the team, and the commission will apply for reimbursement of the costs through the Cares Act Fund.  White will purchase the radios to ensure they are compatible with 911 and provide the receipt to commission.  Dragovich thanked the commission for their support.
            Joseph Straight spoke briefly regarding additional funding for the EMS.  Delegate Buck Jennings is working to get the Governor Jim Justice to award all W.Va. EMS $20,000 from the Cares Act Fund.  Straight requests the commission to lobby on behalf of the EMS, which Moore assured they would support.
            County Administrator Sheila DeVilder began the employees report stating that she has received the contracts from Wilson Restoration who will be completing the brick restoration on the courthouse.  She is also keeping up to date on submitting receipts for potential reimbursements for items qualifying under the Cares Act Fund, with the total to date just under $8,000 requested.
White relayed a message from Tucker County Health Department James Snyder stating that everything relating to COVID-19 is the same as his last update.  Weekly meetings have continued and he thanked DeVilder for her diligence on the Cares Act work.  White also announced that as of two weeks ago, throughout the entire state, Tucker County ranked number one in percentage of population tested with over 30% being tested.
The annual CERT Conference in Canaan Valley has been canceled due to COVID-19.  An LEPC meeting is scheduled and open for anyone in the county interested in serving on that committee.  Stream debris cleaning is set to begin on July 27 upon completion in Preston County.  There have been over 30 areas requested for cleanup, though areas of greatest need will be addressed first.
The meeting moved into new business which consisted of approximately 49 estates that have been closed within the past six months.  Prosecuting Attorney Ray LaMora has approved the closure of these estates and Moore made the motion to approve with all in agreement.  The contracts for the brick restoration were also approved with a motion by Davis along with the budget revisions for the end of the year rollover with a motion by Moore.  Erroneous assessments were approved along with the payments.
Simmons stated that her office has been very busy with several property transfers.  The assessor evaluation fund has been completed and sent for approval to the State Auditor’s Office and the coal severance budget has been approved.  The first briefing with the Secretary of State’s office has been conducted and everything is on track for the fall election to be conducted as normal.
Davis began the commissioner reports stating that the Tucker County Landfill is doing well and was happy to report a local contractor received the bid to do the construction work at the facility.  Bush stated he undergoes his transplant surgery on August 8, therefore may miss a meeting in the days following.  Moore, along with the courthouse staff, offered condolences to Davis for the recent loss of his mother.  He also met with the Corridor H Authority at their quarterly meeting, stating that Senator Manchin and Senator Capito want the highway to be under construction by 2025.
This concluded the meeting of the Tucker County Commission who will meet again on Wednesday, August 8 at 9 a.m. at the Tucker County courthouse.

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