Davis Signs Off on $2.3 Million Project

Attorney John Stump attended the recent Davis Town Council meeting to explain and receive signatures to prepare the closing of a $2,225,000 loan to provide needed updates to the town.

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

            Attorney John Stump with Steptoe and Johnson again joined the Davis Town Council meeting to speak on behalf of the upgrade project planned for the town.  The total project is projected to cost $2,335,000, though fortunately nearly 50% is grant funded.  Stump went through the memorandum, resolution on open governmental proceeding rules, the supplemental resolution, authorization of payments, and the sweep resolution to ensure clarification of all documents and answer any questions.  The loan will be closed on August 5 and the monthly payments are approximately $8,000.  The council, with the exception of Councilman John Felton who was absent, voted and agreed upon all documentation and are eager to bring these much needed updates to the residents of Davis.
            Gary Berti attended the meeting to explain his request for a building permit.  Berti wishes to install an awning and signage over the sidewalk of the old bike shop.  He does not plan to begin until the Department of Highways is consulted regarding the right of way and boundaries are located.  Councilwoman Cindy Robeson and Councilman Al Tomson made the motions to approve the building permit with all in agreement.
            Also attending as a guest was Robin McClintock to provide an update on the plans of the former Shop N’ Save building.  Changes have been made to accomodate COVID-19, such as leaving the structure one story and raising the roof.  The goal is to cover the sidewalks with eves and even recess the storefront along the parking lot for even additional space.  Mayor Doug Martin asked McClintock if she had a drawing, which she hopes to have available in the coming week.
            If permission is sought, McClintock agrees to allow food trucks to utilize the parking area where they will also host the Mountaineer Foodbank food distributions every other Wednesday beginning later this year.  A farmers market is also set up there periodically to sell fresh produce.
            The end goal is to provide commercial spaces that will also be contextual to the town. It is also planned to install a commercial kitchen in one section of the building that can be used for community events.
Committee reports began with Martin presenting the council with the accounts payable.  Discussion of rule 42 which pertains to the water rates was briefly discussed as the commercial side of water usage has decreased, potentially as a result of COVID-19.  Martin wanted to make the council aware that the need for a commercial water rate increase may be in the near future.
Councilman Terry Helmick offered a list of completed projects pertaining to streets, alleys and water works.  He made known that all of the violations that were received on the sewage pond have been addressed and rectified.  A sludge test is going to be conducted and submitted as soon as complete.
A request was received from town employee Derek Huffman who wishes to schedule vacation leave.  That request was approved with a motion by Helmick and a second by Robeson.  All council members voted in agreement to the motion.
This meeting also served as the first reading of the changes made to the grass ordinance and garbage rate ordinance discussed during the last meeting. Councilwoman Lisa Cousin asked if verbiage should be included relating to notifying the residents who are not in compliance with the ordinance, though Martin stated this ordinance was written directly from the other one with minimal changes made to the height and timeframe.  The last ordinance pertaining to vegetation was passed in 1979.
The garbage rate ordinance was reviewed and discussed noting that the residential charges are the only changes, which has increased from $9.50 per month to $11.50 per month and a weight limit of 20 pounds per bag.  This rate will be in effect on and after September 1, 2020.  “And the reason it is being changed is because of the rate increase at the landfill,” confirmed Martin.
The cemetery is being mowed and maintained, though parks within the confines of Davis are still closed and will continue to until further notice.
Another building permit was received by Jessica Luscombe, who is wishing to construct a fence. Tomson made the motion to approve the permit with a second by Recorder Andy Snyder.
Tomson and Cousin made a motion to pay the bills and the meeting was adjourned.  The Davis Town Council will convene again on Wednesday, August 12 at 6:30 p.m.

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