Turner’s Tidbits

This is a photo of Brady and Dale Crosten. Brady’s dad was Augustus (1867-1957) and Marietta Virginia Crosten (1874-1942). Brady lived at the family home place on Clover which was about 100 acres. He attended school at Clover to at least 8th grade. He had a few cows but grew a large garden. He had a foot amputated because he froze them. Marietta had first married a Sturms and had two sons. One of the sons was Claude Sturms and he delivered mail in Parsons. Dale Crosten was a Sherriff in Tucker County at one time. He was married to Orsey Bell Crosten. Jack D. Crosten that was married to Janice Carr Crosten was a grandson of Dale and Orsey. Ideas, comments, photos to share contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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