Turner’s Tidbits

This week’s photo is identified as Shirley Crosten Hedrick. The photo was taken over on Clover in the run by the picnic area by the bridge. She was the baby daughter of Augustus and Marietta Crosten. She was married to Roscoe Hedrick. Additional information on last week’s photo of Brady and Dale Crosten. They were first cousins. Brady’s father was Augustus Crosten; Augustus’s father was Gustavus Travis Crosten. Dale’s father was Franklin Crosten; Franklin’s father was Gustavus Travis Crosten. Gustavus (1757-1841) was a Revolutionary War Soldier. He served in the Virginia Militia 3886. He enlisted at Alexandria, VA. He fought at Valley Forge and elsewhere under George Washington’s command. He walked to Richmond, VA to apply for a pension. He received it October 24, 1818. It was first issued as $12.00 per month and was later increased to $14.00 per month according to The Crosten Family and Historical Society. Correction to last week as well. Jack D. Crosten was a son of Dale and Orsey. Ideas, comments, or photos to share contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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