Turner’s Tidbits

This is a photo of the Snyder Mansion. It was strategically located on a bank that would allow the Snyder’s to view the town of Harman. This is the home of Captain Sampson Snyder and his wife, Elizabeth Bonner Snyder. One can see some of the Snyder children and their families in the photo. The stone for the foundation and two fireplaces were shipped by train from Cumberland, MD. The foundation stones were cut the same size from a quarry somewhere around Cumberland, MD; they are large and very heavy. The Snyder’s owned many horses and they were quite the equestrians; riding mountain paths and making their own trails as some roads were not even made at the time. It was Sampson’s sister, Jane, who rode from Harman to Parsons to bring news of the Confederates plans to blow up the rails and bridge towards Rowlesburg. Ideas, comments, suggestions or photos contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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