The Parsons Senior Center Outpost met at the center on November 5 for their monthly meeting.

Evelyn Moore gave the welcome and James Buddingh gave the opening prayer. All repeated the Pledge of Allegiance and sang “The West Virginia Hills”.

Bernice Hymes read the minutes of the last meeting and were approved.

Arlene Ramsey was the only one having a birthday in November. All sang Happy Birthday to her.

Meg Buddingh read “Autumn Leaves”, “A Prayer for Thanksgiving” was read by Jean Morrison, Evelyn Moore read “Waiting for Winter”.

Sam Eichelberger introduced people who showed their created Arts.

Janet Streets told about Maude Burns’ creation from Christmas cards. Janet showed some baskets, a cushion and a doll. She also quilts and says you can do things if you really want to.

Corinda Shiley moved to Bretz when her and her husband moved here. She displayed quilts, stained glass wall hangings. A friend took her under her wing and encouraged her. She said quilting gets in your blood.

Sam showed the quilt that the Quilting Ladies were working on. When one is finished it is raffled off and the monies are used to buy lots of things for the center. They recently bought some extra song books for the choir.

James Buddingh displayed some of his paintings and the Senior Olympics Banner. Jim received an Associate Arts degree in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Doyle Kisner exhibited two of his New Haven Mission clocks. He also had a picture painted on wood.

Many years ago, he had a display at the World Trade Center. He received a ribbon for his entry. Plans are to visit his clock shop in the future.

Lois Miller displayed some knitted sweaters including one for a dog and a scarf. She and Janet Streets are having a knitting class on Mondays.

A beautiful display, made by Joe Shepherd, was displayed by his wife, Donna. Joe, a retired miner, makes many railroad cars, Shay engines, trestle bridge, and a large coal car tender, Parsons Bridge, exhaust fans, coal equipment and a picture of a large train. He begins his work by making the track first. It was a beautiful display.

Sam showed a figure made by Rita Roberts telling about little things she made for the center on special days.

Meg Buddingh, accompanied by Jim Buddingh, honored the exhibitors with some songs such as “Freight Train Blues”, “Life’s Other Side”, Grandfather’s Clock” and “Coat of Many Colors”.

Lois Miller, representing the Senior Center Legislature, explained some of her duties. They met with other legislators to prepare bills and present them at Charleston for a vote.

All sang “God Bless America” in closing and gave the blessing for the food.

Those present were: Bernice Hymes, Donna Shepherd, Adeline Snyder, Arlene Ramsey, Ida Workman, Nellie Workman, David and Rita Roberts, Rosalee Moore, Earl Moore, Betty Nestor, Corinda Shiley, Rose Scalf, Jim and Meg Buddingh, Burl and Sandra Mason, Junior Mason, Janet Streets, Virginia Thomas, Doyle Kisner, Richard Kisner, Barbara McClung, Eldred Bright, Lois Miller, Peg Filler, Brenda Alkire, Virginia Popio, Olive Morrison, Daisey Andrews, Robert Gould, Jean Morrison, Dorothy Simpson, Pam Nestor, Raymond Collins, Mary Grado, Sharon Daniels, Virgil Knotts, Jr., John Sponaugle, Caroline Pell, Mary Good, Jane Parsons, Lorraine Hinkle, Kathryn Snyder, Mary Lee, Diane Dilly, “Buddy” Arnold, Keith Weigel, Shirley Cassidy, Susan Cross, Evelyn Moore, Randolph and Nettie Lipscomb and Tom Cross.

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