Tucker County Senior Center May 2014 Outpost

The Parsons Senior Center Outpost was held at the Center on May 6, 1014

Evelyn Moore welcomed everyone that came and hoped they enjoyed the day.

Everyone repeated the Lord’s Prayer, gave the Pledge of Allegiance before singing God Bless America.

Linda Bonner read the minutes of the April Meeting and was approved by all.

Happy Birthday was sung to Ida Workman, Marlena Moore, Meg Buddingh, Dorothy Simpson and Carolsue Carr. In honor of “Mother’s Day” Brenda Alkire read “A Mother’s Love”; Barbara McClung read “A Mother’s Prayer”; Bernice Hymes read “Mother Taught Me”.

Sam Eichelberger introduced Heather Lantz, music teacher at TVM School and her students, Natalie Evans, Hannah Hoskins, Aleijah Plum and Jeffrey Snyder, who gave a preview of the play “Annie” being presented May 15 – 16 at the school. Amie is Natalie Evans, Oliver Warbucks by Jeffrey Snyder. Some songs sung were: “Tomorrow” and I don’t Need Anything But You. The children were wonderful.

Heather gave a free ticket for “Annie” and was won by Betty Knotts.

Sam introduced Extension Agent Jennifer Poling along with Program Specialist Jesica Streets who told us about “Growing Things to eat”. Together they built a “salsa Garden”, planting a tomato plant, lettuce, peppers, onions, garlic and Cilantro. She explained the right type of soil, lack of water or too much water, blossom drop and showed how to take suckers from tomatoes. It was a very informative program.

A number was drawn for the Salsa Garden and was won by Betty Nestor.

David Roberts led the Blessing before a delicious lunch.

Those present were: Adelene Snyder, Arlene Ramsey, Janet Streets, Jean Sandy, Mary Lee, Nellie Workman, Ida Workman, David & Rita Roberts, Earl Moore, Eldred Bright, Dorothy Simpson, Linda Bonner, Bernice Hymes, Howard Moore, Marlena Moore, Betty Knotts, Susan Cross, Lois Miller, Robert Gould, Virginia Popio, Betty Nestor, Pam Nestor, Jim & Meg budding, Brenda Alkire, Sharon Daniels, Peg Filler, Randolph & Nettie Lipscomb, Barbara McClung, Carolsue Carr, Evelyn Moore, Lorraine Hinkle, Shirley Cassidy, Jane Parsons, Julia Lunsford, Betty Keaton, Wendy Johnson, Buddy Arnold, Keith Weigel,Raymond Collins, Bobbi Grinnan, Kelley Young

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