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The following criminal complaints have been filed in the Tucker County Magistrate Court:

James Ray Waybright, Parsons, was charged with one count of Failure to Register 2nd Offense (Sex Offender).  According to the complaint, on Monday, March 16 at approximately 10 a.m. Trooper C.R. Donelson of the Parsons Detachment of the West Virginia State Police obtained a Facebook profile displaying the name of Raymond Waybright (James).  Said profile displayed a profile picture of James Waybright/defendant.  Donelson obtained a WVSP/CIB Registration Report on the defendant and observed that he failed to update his registry by providing his Facebook account information to the WVSP/Parsons Detachment.  Donelson met with the defendant and provided him a copy of said profile whereas he stated that it was his profile.  Donelson then placed him under arrest and transported him to the WVSP/Parsons Detachment for processing.  The defendant has one previous conviction for Failure to Register (Sex Offender) on Aug. 2, 2019.  He posted a $5,000 PR bond.

William Shaw, Parsons, was charged with one count Counterfeiting.  The complaint states that on Saturday, Feb. 22 Deputy D.A. Sliwinski of the Tucker County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) was contacted by an employee of BFS located in Davis.  She contacted him to make a complaint about counterfeit money the store had received the night before.  On this same date she provided Sliwinski with a written statement summarizing that the store received two $1 bills about 4 a.m.  She further stated that the accused and one white female were identified by the security video surveillance.  Sliwinski obtained photos of the accused from the security monitor.  She provided him with a copy of the Transaction Log from the cash register.  Sliwinski collected the two $1 bills of American currency as evidence.  Both bills read serial number MP10033014 P and have “Motion Picture Purposes” printed on front and back of the denomination.  On Feb. 23 Sliwinski was again contacted by the BFS employee who provided him with a $5 bill she said had been located in the store safe and was tracked back to the same transaction previously collected.  On Feb. 25 Sliwinski was contacted by Officer Curkendall of the Philippi Police Department.  He stated he had arrested the accused the prior night and was in possession of approximately $2,000 of movie prop money.  Tygart Valley Regional Jail contacted the tucker county Prosecutor’s Office and reported they refused to release the money to the accused upon his release.  Tucker County Prosecutor’s Office Investigator Mr. Keplinger retrieved the money from the TVRJ and turned it over to Sliwinski.  A sealed evidence bag containing $2,273 was entered into the TCSO evidence locker.  Bills displayed serial number MP10033014 P.  Shaw is under a $5,000 cash only bond.

Dustin Travis Carr, Davis, was charged with one count of Domestic Assault and one count Public Intoxication.  According to the complaint on Wednesday, March 18 Chief Deputy M.J. Sigley was dispatched to Shop-n-Save in Davis for a possible domestic and that both parties were still on scene.  Upon arrival he spoke with a female subject namely Jennifer Dearborn.  She advised that Dustin Carr told her he was going to harm himself and she went to him.  She advised Carr was allegedly drunk and she didn’t want him to harm himself so she told him to get in the car and they would go for a ride and talk.  She said that while they were driving he told her he would burn her house down with her and her kids in it.  She said she took him back to his place and he would not get out of her car and allegedly kept screaming at her and grabbing her.  She said that two unknown females and one male subject saw them and told him to get out.  She said that he told them to leave him alone and then allegedly threatened to put a bullet in them.  She said she pulled around to the back of the building when Carr told her because she was afraid of what he would do to her if she didn’t.  She advised that once around the back she dumped his bottle of liquor and he proceeded to throw full bottles of beer at her and then dumped beer all over her.  She said she told him to get out and he told her he would kill her and then grabbed her neck, pushed her against the window and hit her in the face.  She said she ran out of the car and walked home leaving the car.  She said she came to Shop-n-Save with her dad and brother.  Sigley did notice swelling and bruising on her face.  Sigley was advised that Carr was inside Shop-n-Save causing a scene.  The officer spoke with Carr who was behind the counter area sitting in a chair with several bottles of alcohol that were opened.  The officer did notice the smell of alcohol coming from Carr and he did have bloodshot eyes.  The manager of Shop-n-Save advised that Carr had been drinking some of the alcohol while inside the store.  He was transported to the WVSP Detachment, processed and transported to TVRJ.  He is under a $700 cash only bond.

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