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The following criminal complaints have been filed in the Randolph County Magistrate Court:

Kandice Lee Sponaugle, Parsons, was charged with four felony counts of Forgery, four felony counts of Uttering three felony counts of Obtaining money by false pretenses and three felony counts Identity theft.  According to the complaint on Saturday, Jan. 25 at approximately 8:20 p.m., Trooper R. C. Watson received a walk-up at the Elkins Detachment in reference to check fraud.  He identified the female as Trina Kisner.  She explained the details surrounding the check fraud and advised Watson that she did not write any of the checks that were cashed in Elkins and Tucker County.  She provided him with a copy of a check that was written out of her old business account that had been closed out for 20 years.  The check was made out to Shop-n-Save in the name of Sereena Plum and the license number on the check did come back to Plum.  In Kisner’s hand written statement she advised that she had received a call from Missy Smith from the BFS at the Canaan Valley gas station.  Kisner advised that someone had written a check from an old business account, Kisner’s Pit Stop that had been closed for 20 years in Harman.  She stated she had received an insufficient letter from Shop-n-Save in Elkins for the amount of $286.  She received a Facebook from Missy Smith stating that it was Christine Maddy along with a photo of her.  Kisner stated that the check at Shop-n-Save was made out to Sereena Plum and was cashed on Jan. 20, 2020.  She advised that Sherry, a manager at Shop-n-Save told her that there was another check in the mail that she had not yet received. There were a total of two checks from Shop-n-Save so far. There was video at the BFS in Canaan Valley and at Shop-n-Save of a man and a woman cashing the checks.  She would go on to state that she knew Maddy because she had worked with her years ago but did not know her personally and that she did not know Sereena Plum.  On Sunday, Jan. 26 Watson went to Shop-n-Save in Elkins to obtain the video.  While at the store he made contact with one of the store employees that stated she was the cashier that had cashed the check.  He inquired if she would be willing to provide him with a statement.  She agreed and in the statement she said that the female was purchasing items and had a payroll check and asked if she could cash it.  She checked the ID and it matched the name on the check.  The check was for $268 and she cashed it.  Watson asked her if she could identify the female and she stated she was in her late twenties, approximately 5’5” tall, 190 pounds with shoulder length dark hair.  Upon reviewing the video Watson could not positively identify the female cashing the check to be Christina Maddy or Sereena Plum as the female did not match the description of either of the names he was given.  On Friday, Feb. 14 Watson received a phone call from Kisner stating she had received another check in the mail from Shop-n-Save for a total of $238.94.  Watson contacted Shop-n-Save to get a copy of the check and was advised by the manager that the same female wrote a separate check and cashed it.  The name used was Jessica Long.  Watson asked for copies of both checks and video surveillance.  The video showed that it was the same female from before.  On Friday, Feb. 21 Watson received a call from Kisner stating there was another check written out to Appalachian Animal Hospital in Elkins.  When the officer arrived at the hospital the client service manager said she knew who the individual was and identified her as Kandice Sponaugle.  The video showed the individual was the same person who wrote the previous checks.  Watson contacted Deputy Sliwinski, of the Tucker County Sheriff’s office and he advised him that he was working the same style case in Tucker County with the same female.  Sliwinski confirmed that the female writing the checks in Tucker County out of the nonexistent Kisner Pit Stop checking account was Kandice Sponaugle.    Upon reviewing all of the checks that were forged and uttered all were written, signed and cashed by the same female.  All checks written to Shop-n-Save were made out to Sereena Plum and the driver’s license number given was the identity of Serenna Plum.  All three checks written out to Shop-n-Save were signed with the name of Trina Kisner.  Kisner did not sign or issue any of the 20 year old checks.  All checks cashed at Shop-n-Save were cashed after a small purchase and the rest given back in cash.  The check written to Appalachian Animal Hospital was made out to the hospital and the name Candice Sponaugle was written at the bottom but forged Trina Kisner.  Watson positively identified Sponuagle as the female in all the videos completing the transactions.  This crime occurred in Randolph County.

Kandice Lee Sponaugle, Parsons, was charged with one felony count of Malicious Assault.  On Thursday, April 9 Deputy B.M. Roy along with Lt. R.K. Swisher and Deputy A.B. Beverly responded to 343 Eston Cooper Rd in reference to a stabbing.  While traveling to the scene from the Harman direction on US32, Roy observed a female wearing a black shirt and gray shorts walking in the opposite direction to Harman.  She was stopped and asked for ID.  She stated that her name was Samantha Castevens with a DOB of 6-12-83 and she was heading to a residence in Harman from Red Creek area.  Randolph County 911 advised a clothing description matching that of the female.  She was detained and when asked again for her name she identified herself as Kandice Sponaugle.  She then stated that she had allegedly been in a domestic and was trying to go to her friend’s residence in Harman.  She was verbally instructed of her Miranda Rights and she stated she understood.  She was transported back to the residence.  When described the reason for our response she stated that she never allegedly stabbed Mr. Corbitt.  She further stated that when she attempted to leave He hit her in the back of the head with an ash tray and also smacked her on the leg with a cased Machete.  Photos were obtained of her head and leg.  Upon arrival of the residence Roy spoke with the victim Richard Corbett who stated that he was stabbed by Sponaugle and that he wished to pursue charges.  Roy observed a hole in the victim’s left side below the armpit.  He was transported to DMC by EMS.  Sponaugle was arrested for Malicious Assault and transported to TVRJ.  Roy spoke to Corbitt again at DMC where he stated that they had been in a verbal altercation when he requested Sponaugle to leave the residence.  He then stated after raising his voice and walking by her he felt a stick in his side.  He stated that he was unsure what the pain was until he saw blood running down his side.  He said after he was stabbed he was able to see her with a knife.  The victim’s blood soaked shirt with a hole that seemed to have been made by a sharp object located under the armpit was recovered as evidence from the scene.  Her bond has been set at $75,000 cash or surety.

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