Magistrate News

The following criminal complaints have been filed in the Tucker County Magistrate Court:

Pamela Anna Knotts, Dry Fork, was charged with one count DUI 1st offense, one count Obstructing, one count False information to State Trooper and one count Possession of marijuana less than 15 grams.  According to the complaint on Thursday, May 21 at approximately 5:48 a.m. Trooper C.R. Donelson of the Parsons Detachment of the West Virginia State Police was dispatched by Tucker County 911 to a one vehicle crash along WV32 in Canaan Valley.  Upon arrival he met with the defendant who advised him she was the driver of the vehicle.  While speaking to her, he detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her person.  He observed her to have glassy eyes and slurred speech.  He attempted to obtain a hand written statement from her regarding the crash whereas she began to walk away from him.  He instructed her to stop several times whereas she refused and was placed under arrest.  He asked her if she had anything illegal on her person and she allegedly replied “no”.  It was later discovered she had approximately five grams of what appeared to be marijuana on her person when searched by Tygart Valley Regional Jail officers.  Donelson asked her if she was willing to perform sobriety field tests and she replied “I’m not doing your tests.”  He then transported her to the Parsons Police Department in order to administer the Intoximeter EC/IR II whereas she refused the test.  She was then transported to the WVSP Parsons Detachment for processing and then to TVRJ to await arraignment.

David Allen Heckler, Hendricks, was charged with one count of Battery.  The complaint states that on March 15 Deputy D.A. Sliwinski of the Tucker county Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a battery complaint located at 10473 Dry Fork Rd, Hendricks.  Upon making phone contact with the complainant, Jason Woodford this officer was informed they were going to the hospital.  On March 16 Sliwinski obtained a hand written signed statement from Woodford as well as a hand written signed statement from Erin Woodford.  In summary both were at their residence when Heckler physically battered J. Woodford as he answered the door of his residence.  E. Woodford allegedly stated there were two white males she was unable to identify with Heckler but they were not involved in the physical altercation.

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