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The following citations have been recorded in the Tucker County Magistrate office:

Justin H. Beckett, Arlington, Va., was cited for speeding (35-25) by TFC J.J. Schmidle. He pled guilty and was assessed fines of $4.75 and court cost of $165.25.
Burl F. Waybright, Parsons, was cited for hunting from vehicle by WV DNR. He was assessed fines of $20 and court cost of $165.25.
Aleah D. McCrum, Terra Alta, was cited for no seatbelt by TFC J.J. Schmidle. She pled no contest and was assessed fines of $25.

The following criminal complaint has been filed in the Tucker County Magistrate Court:

Jerry Lee Helmick, Parsons, was charged with battery. The complaint states that on Friday, Nov. 25 at approximately 6:10 p.m., Cpl. J.E. Kopec responded to Hilltop Lane in reference to a battery involving the suspect; Jerry Lee Helmick and the victim; Travis Lynn Cooper. Kopec arrived on scene and observed Cooper to have a cut on his chin and was bleeding. Kopec obtained a written statement from Cooper which summarized that Helmick came down to the house confronting his dad over deer hunting. Cooper stated Helmick was mad because they had shot a deer on their property. He stated that the defendant allegedly walked up to him and sucker punched him. He stated that he was punched approximately three or four times. Cooper’s father witnessed the event and summarized that the defendant came to the house and was taking pictures because they had shot a deer. He stated that the defendant took off his hat and sucker punched the victim. He said he did not see if the victim punched Helmick because it was dark outside. Kopec then traveled to Helmick’s residence and observed a scratch on his nose and a cut inside his lip. He did not observe any blood on Helmick or damage to his hands. The defendant said that he walked down to check his mail and saw that Cooper had poached a deer and started taking pictures because he was going to turn him in. He stated that this infuriated Cooper and that Cooper was the aggressor and was getting in his face and did make first contact by swatting at him over top of Cooper’s father causing his nose to get scratched.
On Saturday, Nov. 26 at approximately 3 p.m. Kopec obtained a writted statement from Helmick at the Parsons State Police Detachment which summarized that Cooper was getting in his face calling him names and threatening him when Cooper’s father got in the middle of them telling Travis to get inside. He stated that Cooper was reaching over his father swatting at him and this is when his nose was scratched. He stated that Cooper allegedly swung at him and missed and he swung back hitting Cooper. He stated that he only hit him once and Cooper fell over. He said that Cooper got to his feet and allegedly came at him again and he tackled him to the ground. He states that this was all self defense because Cooper threw the first punch and that Cooper was enraged over him taking pictures of the deer. Multiple harvested deer were on the scene at the incident location. A medical report does show that Cooper received six stitches in his chin and had bruised ribs and a bruised jaw. Helmick posted a $500 PR bond and a court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 26, 2017 at 10 a.m. before Magistrate William M. Miller.
A felony criminal complaint for possession with intent to deliver and offenses relating to juveniles in custody has been filed against a cadet at the Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center. According to the complaint, on Wednesday, Dec. 14, Sgt. C.D. Siler and TFC J.J. Schmidle, of the West Virginia State Police, responded to the Honey Rubenstein Juvenile Center in reference to a drug complaint. Once on scene, the officers made contact with Major Brad Siler who informed them that an 18 year old cadet had suboxone mailed to him. The cadet then distributed some of the suboxone to a 16 year old cadet. The 16 year old cadet became physically sick and began vomiting. A Miranda rights form was presented to the defendant, who signed it. Schmidle obtained a signed statement which advised that the cadet received a card in the mail. He stated it allegedly said “PS there’s something in here for you. He said he took the card to the bathroom and found suboxone in the corner and took half of it then. He advised the above mentioned cadet asked if he could have some as well. He stated he then provided the juvenile with the subozone.

The following cases have been ordered and adjudged in the Tucker County Magistrate Court:

State of West Virginia verses Justin W. Sacks, Parsons, he received judgment of Dismissed by Mag.-State-No Fee for one count unlawful methods of hunting; from vehicle which occurred on Oct. 21. The case was heard on Dec. 13 by Magistrate William M. Miller.
Suesli verses Howell: The court ruled in favor of James J. Suesli in the amount of $5,130 plus $90 court fees against Michael Howell. This case was heard on Dec. 14 by Magistrate Riley H. Barb.
Suesli verses Goss: The court ruled in favor of James J. Suesli in the amount of $2,858.06 plus $95 court cost against Sheila Goss. This case was heard on Dec. 14 by Magistrate William M. Miller.
State of West Virginia verses Christopher S. Earnest: Hambleton, received judgment of guilty plea for one count interference with officers or members (WVSP), false information. He was assessed cost and fees of $165.25 and credit for time served of 43 days. This case was heard on Dec. 13 by Magistrate William M. Miller.

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