Ian Nichols Goes Over 1,000 Points In His Career At Tucker County High School

Ian Nichols needed 30 points to surpass 1,000 points in his career heading into the game at Pocahontas County Jan 11th.

Ian Nichols surpassed 1,000 points
Ian Nichols surpassed 1,000 points in his career at TCHS Saturday

The senior scored 31 points in the game to enter elite company at Tucker County High School.

Since TCHS opened its doors in 1978 only 21 Basketball athletes Girls’ and Boys’ had surpassed 1,000 points in their varsity career. Nichols joins this club and becomes the 22nd player to achieve this honor. There is now 11 Boys’ and 11 Girls’ that have went over 1,000 points in their career at Tucker County High School.

Here is a list of TCHS players who have surpassed 1,000 points in the history of the school:

Joe Mason 1978-82, Kelly Corcoran 1980-84, Jill Burns 1980-84, Terry Gehr 1981-85, Cindy Newman 1985-89, Eric Poling 1985-89, Stephanie Shine 1988-92, Daniel Helmick 1992-96, Chandra Nelson 1993-97, Chrissy Forman, 1993-97, Sarah Hamrick 1994-98, Jim Aliff 1995-99, Nikki Nelson 1995-99, Derek Simmons 1995-99, Wes Lambert 1995-99, Jeremy Maxwell 2001-05, LJ Gravelle 2004-08, Eric Wamsley 2004-08, Lyndsey Nestor 2005-09, Logan Snyder 2007-11, Amber Evans 2009-13 and Ian Nichols 2010-2014.

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