Local 4-Her’s Attend Older Members Conference (OMC)

This year two local 4-Her’s attended the Older Members Conference at Jackson’s Mill in Weston, West Virginia. Camp ran from the evening of June 15 – June 21.
Jenna White & Lesley Cale
Jenna White & Lesley Cale

The purpose of OMC is to help develop leadership among the older 4-H members through opportunities to discuss current issues and problems and to teach them new skills that they can use in their local club and community.

Each morning campers were involved in presentations and discussions about current topics involving today’s youth. Afternoon workshops included dance and recreational activities.

When asked what their favorite part of attending OMC was the girls both said getting to meet new people from all over the state.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in 4-H, or would like more information about the program, feel free to call the Extension Office at 304 478-2949 ext:209.


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