2014 American Lung Association in WV Not on Tobacco (N-O-T) Training

The American Lung Association in West Virginia is seeking adults to become trained in the N-O-T program. The N-O-T program provides the tools and skills needed to help teens (13 -18) in West Virginia schools and community groups quit tobacco.

· Teen tobacco users have more school absences

· Smoking causes memory and cognitive impairment in adolescents

· Nicotine withdrawal causes increased anger and hostility

As a direct result of the N-O-T program, in the 2011/2012 school year, there was a combined quit rate of 39% or 100 teens that gave up tobacco; this does not measure the number of teens that may have quit at three and six months post program.

N-O-T facilitators must be skilled and sensitive so they can effectively relate to teens, listen supportively to their concerns and refer them to the extra help they may need, both in the school and in the community. Learn these facilitation skills and more at American Lung Association facilitator trainings. These one-day trainings take place throughout the year and across the state.

Once a facilitator completes a class, stipends of $250 are given to facilitators and $200 stipends are given to facilities for hosting the N-O-T class.

Lunch and all supplies are included at the training. This training is free to any adult serving youth (13 -18) in West Virginia. Please contact Chaste Barclay at 304-342-6600 or cbarclay@lunginfo.org at the American Lung Association for training dates, locations and registration forms.




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