A family feel with every meal

Submitted by Dave Stemple
Tucker County Connections
Brenda’s Backwoods Grill

The last few days I’ve been doing articles on local eating establishments that I like to frequent in and around Parsons WV.

Today’s article will focus on another one of my favorite places to eat Brenda’s Backwoods Grill an establishment operated by arguably the nicest and occasionally craziest person in the world Brenda.

I have to say that if you know Brenda you know that her attitude is infectious and you can’t help but smile, laugh, and love her and the down home family atmosphere that radiates from her business. I’ve spent many evenings here just relaxing outside on a milk crate talking to the owners and enjoying the great company and good conversation.
The menu features fan favorites like burgers, fries, chicken tenders, liver & onions, fried bologna, mashed potatoes, salads, a daily special, and more with some of my favorites being the chili cheese fries, mushroom swiss burger, and I can rarely make it out the door without a warm apple dumpling.
Drop on in, say hi to Brenda, and enjoy some down home style food from Brenda’s Backwoods Grill located in the old Fox’s Pizza building.

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