Dark Skies set for Aug. 11

Tucker County boasts some of the best darks skies east of the Mississippi, and while we are able to see some incredible stars in our night sky, if we do not take precautions we are at risk of losing the dark skies we have come to love.

On August 11 at 7:30 p.m. the Tucker County Planning Commission along with the Canaan Valley State Park Resort is hosting the second annual Dark Sky event located at Canaan Valley State Park. 

The second annual event will feature a lecture from astronomy professor Diane Turnshek of Carnegie Mellon. Turnshek will be giving us a look into why dark skies are important and what citizens can do to protect them.  Following the lecture, local amatuer astronomers will take participants on an guided stargazing walk throughout the Canaan Valley Resort State Park. This event will be free to the public.

As the second annual dark sky event, the Tucker County Planning Commission and Canaan Valley State Resort are eager and excited to showcase the dark skies that we are provided in Tucker County. There will be discussion  about what can be done in order to protect our skies and going over some simple citizen science projects, and talking about lighting options to prevent further light pollution.

For any questions regarding this event contact Dave Vance by email- vanced@canaanresort.com or phone- 304-866-2215.

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