Davis Gets a Wifi Hotspot

Thanks to the efforts of Frontier Communications, the Tucker County Development Authority and the West Virginia Development Office, Davis has a free wifi hotspot.

As of last week, visitors and residents in Davis can access the internet on Williams Avenue. The public modem is located in front of the Information Office on Williams Avenue and provides wifi up and down the shopping district and will allow up to 15 people to access at the same time.

“It is easy to access” states Anne Jones Director of the Tucker County Development Authority. “Just go to your wifi settings on your phone, tablet or computer and join ‘Tucker’. ” Jones added “Providing internet on the street will improve the visitor experience to Davis and will allow people to stay and shop longer”

The project to provide free wifi in Davis is the result of collaboration between Frontier Communications and the Tucker County Development Authority. Reta Griffith, General Manager with Frontier says “Frontier is eager to support local communities, and we see the Davis wi-fi project as a practical and effective way to help residents and visitors enjoy their experience here. Investments in our leading-edge broadband network allowed us to participate in this project, which supports community and economic growth.” Kathy Cosco, Manager of Government and External Affairs at Frontier agrees: “We at Frontier are proud to parter with the Tucker County Economic Development Authority on this project. Tucker County and its communities are examples of how having a progressive mindset and working together result in innovative initiatives like this. We hope the residents and visitors enjoy having this option available to them.”

County Commissioner Diane Hinkle is also pleased to see the wifi. “Having access to free wifi provides a critical line of communication for residents – and tourists who expect it. In just a few weeks, thousands will gather on the mountain for Run For It and the Leaf Peeper Festival so it’s great that Davis will have that added amenity to offer. “

A second wifi hotspot will be going live on Front Street inThomas a fact that will cheer Mayor Matt Quattro who has wanted to provide internet for residents and visitors to Thomas’ main shopping street for som

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