Dr. Fahim Among WV’s First to Treat Chronic Pain with New Neurostimulation System

Elkins, WV – Mohamed Fahim, MD, PhD, of the Davis Medical Center (DMC) Pain Management Clinic, is among West Virginia’s first to use an innovative implantable neurostimulation system to treat chronic, intractable back and/or limb pain.

Dr Fahim 1The device is the first neurostimulation system for pain patients FDA approved for MRI scans. The RestoreSensor® SureScan® MRI systems by Medtronic is approved for conditionally safe full-body MRI under specific conditions.

“This system is highly valuable to a specific population of patients,” said Dr. Fahim. “Spinal cord stimulation patients are often more likely to need an MRI, yet until this new technology emerged, it was not always a viable option for them.”

“Now, it is safe for the patient and effective in the treatment of chronic pain,” according to Dr. Fahim.

Dr. Fahim is a member of the Davis Health System Medical Staff and is board certified in pain management (by both the American Board of Pain Management and the American Board of Anesthesiology), anesthesiology and critical care medicine. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Surgery, and is the Medical Director of the DMC Pain Management Clinic.

“Dr. Fahim is remarkably skilled and committed to high standards of patient care. It was not surprising that he worked diligently to bring this new technology to Davis Medical Center as expeditiously as possible,” said Mark Doak, President of Davis Health System.

The Medtronic RestoreSensor® SureScan® treats chronic back and/or some leg/limb pain through the use of a medical device placed under the skin.

The Pain Management Clinic is located at 909 Gorman Avenue in Elkins on the campus of Davis Medical Center. Dr. Fahim and his staff treat patients with acute and chronic pain using modern and effective treatments such as injection therapy, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord neurostimulation and acupuncture.

For information about Dr. Fahim or the new RestoreSensor® SureScan® MRI system call the Pain Management Clinic at



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