Four Leaf Clover’s Meet

Submitted by Stephanie Moats 

On December 09, 2013,  the Four Leaf Clover had their 4-H meeting at the St. George Methodist Church.  They had 17 member and four Clover buds. Member attend was Vincent Moats, Tanner Burns, John Roy Beavers, Jacob Beavers, Shelby Beavers, Lindsay Johnson, Matthew Johnsons, Tyler Johnson, Lesley Cale, Andrew Cale, Joannah Dyer, Alex Dyer, Samantha Burns, Wesley Burns, Kenya Jones, Noan Moore, Jesska Moore, Laney Burns, Chloe Cummings, Abby Wilfong, Ava Wilfong and they signed Christmas Cards for Granville Manor, Tucker County Manor, Cortland Acres Nursing Home.   They had a bake sale at the Parade on Saturday evening.  They went to Cortland Acres Nursing home to give out Christmas cards to the residents on Sunday. They  did a food drive for the panty for their Christmas party. The Had Pizza, chips, cookies, pop, etc.  The Clover buds made  reindeers, white chocolate pretzel for snacks.  All Office received a pin with the office they hold for this year. The Officers from last year got pins, too. All 4-H member got a 4-H, and clover buds got a clover bud pin, from their 4-H leader Stephanie Moats, for Christmas.

The winner for the Sheetz Card was Brain and Debbie Stevens of Parsons WV.


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