The Grill is Still Sizzling at Muttley’s

By Dan Geohagan

Davis – There are many different staples in Tucker County.

Some of them are trails, ski slopes, and outdoor fun. The other things that people look forward to is good cooking like that of the steaks at Muttley’s.

“Muttley’s opened in 1998 by Becky and Randy Colombo, it started with them coming up from the valley and since then the restaurant has become part of the community in Davis in that 20 year period. I have worked for them the past seven years they have owned it.” said owner Ron Tate.

Although Tate had promised himself not to return to the culinary lifestyle, he found himself once more in the situation of the calling to the kitchen.

“I didn’t want to get in to the stress that involves working in a restaurant, I actually wanted to work as the dishwasher instead.” said Tate. “When Randy found out that I had a culinary background he said, ‘look I really need a cook!’ and it came down to he needed a cook and I needed a job.” Tate said.

Through the years a bond formed between Colombo and Tate. Being separated by different lifestyle and several decades of age they forged a friendship few could believe.

“Today I would put him in the list of my top five best friends, in the course of the seven year period of working with them, I feel that Randy and Becky, as well as Tucker County in general, have adopted me and created a place for me to be here.” Tate said. “Randy and I were sitting down one day and he asked me ‘what do you think the town is missing?’, I responded with a BBQ place and a sandwich place, and with that, Big Belly Deli was born.” Tate stated.

Tate said “Over the course of that time if an employer would give you an opportunity like that, most would just give you a pat on the back, they would set you up and give you your walking papers. With Randy this was not the case, he told me that I still had a duty to run his kitchen as well. There was some hiccups in the beginning but family works through those types of things. As Randy was given a diagnosis of cancer, the work load increased for me while doing my own business but it was something that just needed to be done.”

Through the tough times of entering the battle with cancer, Colombo decided that it was time to hang up his hat and take the retirement life. With their friendship running strong Colombo and wife presented the idea to Tate to purchase Muttley’s.

“We started working on that project together, finances were hard on a startup even with the deli doing well, so they decided to owner finance, yet again, one of the family things.” stated Tate.

With the transition complete, Tate has kept things going at Muttley’s while keeping all of the traditional dishes the customers have come to love. The bar will be reopened in the near future and Tate is reviving Steak Night on Thursday evenings starting on Feb .2 . Reservations may be made by calling 304 – 259-4858 or visit them at 428 William Ave. in Davis.

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