Sophisticated Medical Technology Offers Lower Radiation Dose at Davis Medical Center

Davis Memorial Hospital’s LightSpeed ™ VCT with ASiR (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction) will reduce the amount of radiation patients receive by 40 percent while also producing higher quality images.

“It is the most advanced CT technology available and helps physicians provide higher quality patient care,” said Debbie Dean, director of radiology at Davis Memorial Hospital. “This technology allows us to examine a wider range of conditions – everything from exams of the heart, spine, lungs and colon, to advanced techniques such as angiography, virtual colonoscopy and radiation therapy planning.”

The state-of-the-art system can acquire 64 high-resolution images of the internal anatomy with each image representing an area of the body as thin as a credit card. Physicians can more easily view details on such things as blockages in the coronary arteries, as well as the motion and pumping action of a patient’s heart.

“The reduced radiation exposure is especially beneficial for children and young adults who are more susceptible to harm from excessive radiation exposures,” Dean said. “It is designed so that the patient – young or old – is comfortable and has a good experience.”

Mark Doak, Davis Health System president and chief executive officer, said that the diagnostic system helps physicians provide a higher level of patient care. “This advanced technology extends the range of quality diagnostic services that Davis Memorial Hospital offers patients,” he said. “Faster scans mean faster exams, and less stress and anxiety for the patient. This system will ensure patients receive the best care.”


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