Meet the Candidates

Tucker County Magistrate

Division 1

Riley Barb

My name is Riley Barb and I am proud to announce my candidacy for re-election as Magistrate of Tucker County.  Having been first elected in 2000, it is an honor and privilege that I have enjoyed for the past nineteen and a half years.
Since the beginning of my service, I have taken every opportunity to prepare and educate myself, not only in magistrate court, but in the entire WV Judicial system.  I feel that only enhances my ability to serve you, the citizens of Tucker County. The position of magistrate is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  It requires education, experience, dedication and the ability to remain impartial.
I am one of only two magistrates appointed by the WV Supreme Court Administrative Office to serve on the Magistrate Education Committee.  In addition, I have served for 12 years on the subcommittee for New Magistrate Training and have been selected twice to the National Judicial College at the University of Nevada.
My service has not been limited to our county and our circuit, I have also been appointed by the Supreme Court to hear cases throughout the state of WV.
Having been elected by my peers in five statewide elections, I served as President of the WV Magistrates Association for 10 years representing our organization in our state capital.  Today I continue to serve as an appointed board member for the WV Magistrates Association.
I am blessed to have been born and raised in Tucker County and today I reside in Canaan Valley with my lovely wife, Amy.
On Election Day, June 9th, 2020, you will have the opportunity to elect two magistrates for the 4 year term.  You may vote for one magistrate in Division One and one in Division Two.  I hope you will take my experience and knowledge into consideration and honor me with your vote for Magistrate, Division One.  If re-elected, I promise to continue to serve all Tucker County residents with the dignity, dedication and respect that every American deserves.

Shelia Whetzel DeVilder

Hello Tucker County!  I am Shelia Whetzel DeVilder and I am running for Division I Magistrate.  I was born and raised in Tucker County.  I am the second of 4 children of Martha (Mason) and Sheldon Whetzel.  I lived in Bretz growing up, but I was raised on the “Mullenax” farm on Blackman Flats, where I currently reside with my husband, Mike DeVilder.  I have 3 great kids, Marcy Williams (Ed Evans), Daniel Williams (both grown) and Jacob DeVilder, and 3 beautiful grandchildren, MaKenna and Marlee Evans and Beau Williams.  Being raised on the farm taught me the value of working hard for what I needed and wanted, but also gave me the understanding to know the difference between the two.
I started working at Jim’s when I was 15.  That started my “career”.  I worked as a paralegal at Cooper & Preston for 20 years—I communicated with clients, gathered necessary case information, drafted a variety of legal documents such as complaints, motions, wills, deeds, and much more.  When I started, there were 4 attorneys, and I worked for all of them.  Ultimately, the majority of my work was for John Cooper, who is recently retired.
In 2017, I went to work in the Office of the Circuit Clerk.  There I assisted individuals in filing and figuring out what legal documents were necessary to file, explaining the legal process to them, and proper procedure to follow.  It also required communication with Circuit Judges, Magistrates, attorneys, and their staff.  I am currently the County Administrator and have been for the past nine months.
I am running for Tucker County Magistrate because I believe God puts us in the right places at the right time—simple as that.  I don’t make life decisions without praying about them first.  I have a strong foundation in my faith in Jesus.  So, this is my path.  Come follow it with me!  I won’t let you down.  I have the EXPERIENCE, the WORK ETHIC, a DEPENDABLE WORK RECORD, and the ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE effectively.  It’s time for a change.  I am that change

Mark Myers

Mark is the son of Gay Myers and Edna Funk. He is a descendent of John Minear and Andrew Miller, who, in 1776, founded “Fort Minear” which later became St. George. Mark is a lifetime resident of West Virginia, and moved home to Licking District in 2018, after his father was diagnosed with terminal bone marrow cancer.
Following Mark’s graduation from high school in 1983, he attended WVU studying business. He went on to work for the Monongalia County Schools as a bus operator and maintenance technician for 30 years. By the time he retired, he had acquired a master’s license in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work.
Mark was appointed as Chairman for the Monongahela Conservation Board. Under Mark’s leadership the Decker One Dam rehab was completed. In addition, he has worked on river, stream, and bank stabilization projects.
Mark has a passion for farming and outdoors. He enjoys helping farmers develop plans and soil tests, along with enhancement projects such as fencing, irrigation systems, and animal health.
Mark is a member of the following organizations: WV AFT and School Service Personnel, WV Conservation Association Board of Directors, Operation Activet, Operation Welcome Home, WV Farm Bureau, 4H, FFA, Volunteer Firefighter, and EMT. He is also ordained to perform marriages, renewal of vows, marriage counseling, and addiction counseling. He is also WV Ethics trained.
Together, Mark and his wife Kelly have four children. Mark has two kids (Joshua and Jessica), two step kids (Ashley and Alex), and two grandkids (Savannah and Colton). Mark and Kelly purchased the Ray and Pauline Arnold Farm at the Sugarland and Holly Meadows Road intersection. They are preparing to build a home for them and their family.
Vote for a change in Tucker County, vote Mark Myers for Magistrate.
If you are interested in contacting Mark, please do so at the following:
  • Phone: (304) 290-6085
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Vote Mark Myers
  • Address: PO Box 65, 5557 Holly Meadows Rd, Parsons, WV 26287

Division 2

Christopher Phares

My name’s Christopher Phares, and I’m running for 2nd District Magistrate. A West Virginia native, I was born in Thomas, grew up and went to school in Elkins and received my B.A. in English at WVU. I served two years in Americorps writing grants, worked with middle and high school students for several years at The Old Brick Playhouse, and am now in the beer business at Mountain State Brewing Company and living in Thomas.

As Magistrate I’ll not only be fair and impartial, upholding our laws, but I’ll also uphold the U.S. Constitution, the TRUE law of the land. I believe your rights are God Given, and therefore, can never be taken. The Constitution is NOT a “living document” that can be altered and changed at will.

As a lifetime NRA member I wholeheartedly submit that your 2nd Amendment is NON-NEGOTIABLE and I fully supported Tucker county becoming one of the first sanctuary counties in West Virginia. I’m also an advocate for business and private property rights. What you do with YOUR property is YOUR business. So long as you’re not damaging or infringing on someone else’s property or violating decency laws, the nanny state has zero jurisdiction dictating how you use YOUR land that YOU own and worked hard and paid for with blood sweat and tears.

I moved back to Tucker County eleven years ago because it’s a beautiful, safe and tightly knit community, and I aim to keep it that way. As Magistrate I’ll focus your taxpayer dollars on mitigating major crimes like child abuse, armed robbery, home invasion, domestic violence, animal cruelty and keep hard drugs like meth, heroin, OxyContin and Fentanyl (an EXTREMELY lethal drug) out of our community to protect Tucker County’s most precious asset; our youth! Therefore, I’ll set the bail to the maximum amount, during an arraignment.

However, when it comes to smaller infractions and misdemeanors, we’re all human and we make mistakes. Lord knows I’ve made plenty, and I will always do my best to take that into account. Thanks for your vote everyone, and God Bless!

Brian Wilfong

I’m Brian Wilfong and I am running for Division 2 Magistrate. I am a lifelong resident of Tucker County, presently living in Blackman Flats of Hambleton. I graduated from Tucker County High School with the class of 1981. I am married to Chrissy Wilfong. We have three children: Jessica Rhodes, Kaleb Wilfong(deceased) and Daniele Wilfong. I am also a Pappy to my grandkids, Damian and Delainey Rhodes.
I began my career in law enforcement in 1985 with the Preston County Sheriff’s Office. I worked there until starting with the Tucker County Sheriff’s Office in 1989. I was with the Tucker County Sheriff’s Office until 2008, when I accepted a job as Special Deputy Marshall in Elkins, WV. In 2013, I became Sheriff of Tucker County where I am presently finishing out my second term.
This has led me to file for Magistrate. With my experience in these positions, I have been able to spend multitude of hours in the courtroom. I’ve served both as a witness and court bailiff. During these many hours in court, I have been able to observe the judges and magistrates in their duties. I have taken in very valuable information on how the court system is operated. I have learned that each case is unique and the importance of making decisions on the evidence presented before me. As a Law Enforcement Officer, I have been able to work in Federal, Circuit, Family and Magistrate Courts. Throughout my entire career I have studied, executed and upheld the law.
I consider myself to be a man of integrity, with honesty, fairness and moral uprightness at the forefront of my life. If elected Magistrate, I will decide cases fairly and impartially, free of political influence or intimidation. Regardless of my own personal view, I will follow the laws set forth by the State of West Virginia and County of Tucker.
I am pursuing this position due to the deep care I have for Tucker County, it’s residents and my interest in law. I look forward to continually serving Tucker County and its residents and appreciate your support.

Tucker County Prosecuting Attorney

Ray LaMora

I am Ray LaMora from the City of Parsons and I am the Republican candidate for the Office of Tucker County Prosecutor.  I am currently seeking my third term as your prosecutor.  I started out my college career at West Virginia Wesleyan College, double majoring in History and Political Science, graduating in 2004.  I decided to stay at Wesleyan for another year and received a Masters in Business Administration in 2005.
Shortly after graduation I decided to enlist in the United States Army Reserve, attending Basic Combat Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  I served with the 363rd Military Police Company in Grafton.  I graduated in 2008 from the West Virginia University College of Law, opening my own law practice from my home until I was told that the prosecutor in Tucker County was retiring in 2012.  I filed for office mainly due to my love of the area, I have been a ski instructor and ski patroller at Canaan Valley since I was able to work on my sixteen birthday, and had been skiing there for many years before.  My Boy Scout troop has hiked and camped all across the county, so I had fallen in love with the area at an early age.
Since winning the 2012 election my wife, Katie, and I have welcomed two wonderful children into our home, Logan in 2014, and Felicity in 2017.  I have loved my time here as prosecutor and hope to continue in that role, we have been working tirelessly to cut down on the drug epidemic facing our communities, not only by incarceration but also by treatment to ensure that the offenders we have do not continue to offend after incarceration.  We have also had a lot of outreach with the schools to ensure that the students understand the risks of the technology in their hands, but also the risks in drug use, alcohol use, and vaping.  Our office encourages everyone to get out and vote in both the primary election and the general election in November.  Thanks for your support!

Savannah Hull Wilkins

My name is Savannah Hull Wilkins and I am running for Prosecuting Attorney as a Democrat.
I was raised in Harman by my father, Richard Hull, of Parsons and my mother, Tammie (Swecker) Daniels, of Harman.  I’ve been a resident of Davis for 5 years. I bought my grandparent’s house, which has been in my family for over 50 years.  I’m the 5th generation of the Hull family to live in Tucker County.
I’m running for prosecutor because I have deep roots here and because I love Tucker County, the communities, and the people who live here. I believe Tucker County deserves an effective prosecutor, which I am. I have a successful trial record and have obtained guilty verdicts in numerous felony and misdemeanor jury trials including convictions of First Degree Murder, Strangulation, Wanton Endangerment with a Firearm, Malicious Assault, Fleeing with Reckless Indifference to the Safety of Others, Domestic Battery, and Obstructing an Officer.
I’ve been an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Preston County since 2014. I’ve handled all types of criminal cases including felonies, misdemeanors, and juvenile offenses. I’ve represented the State and the DHHR in child abuse and neglect proceedings and have also represented the County Commission.
I graduated from Marshall University with a degree in Criminal Justice completing courses in corrections, law enforcement, and crime scene investigation.  I also interned at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.
I obtained my law degree from West Virginia University in 2011 and my work experience was focused on criminal law, child abuse and neglect, property law, wills and estates, family law, personal injury, and administrative law. One of my proudest achievements in private practice was litigating a grievance against the Board of Education on behalf of teachers and obtaining raises and back pay for them.
With the ongoing drug epidemic, I understand there must be a balance between holding offenders accountable and providing opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation.
Please consider me for your vote. I will work hard to keep our communities safe because I care about what’s happening here. For more information please visit or Facebook @wilkinsforprosecutor

Conservation District Supervisor

Heather (Freeman) Clower

My name is Heather (Freeman) Clower, and I am running for the position of Conservation District Supervisor to co-represent Tucker County.  I was born and raised on a farm on Pifer Mountain where I grew up in the local 4-H and FFA programs.  Knowing agriculture was my passion from an early age, I attended Potomac State College and West Virginia University where I graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Animal and Nutritional Science and a Minor in Equine Management and Training.  I was also honored with being recognized as the West Virginia Young Farmer and Rancher of the Year through the W.Va. Farm Bureau, followed by representing our great state at the national level in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Upon graduation, my husband Daniel and I relocated to Tennessee where I was a 4-H extension agent for two years before my husband’s job brought us home.  After having our daughter Paityn, I returned to WVU where in 2012 I received a Masters Degree in Agriculture, Forestry, and Consumer Science.  Since having our son Wyatt, we have been working diligently to improve and expand our farm.  What began with only beef and hay has expanded to include horse training and competing, poultry, rabbits, and honey bees.  I have served as a professional livestock and equine judge for 14 years as my heart still remains with the programs that made me who I am today; 4-H and FFA.
I decided to run for this position to bring a combination of experience and education to the Conservation Supervisor Board.  I am confident that my skills and dedication within the industry can bring about new ideas and opportunities for the farmers in our county.  I intend to stand up for what I and our community believe is right while keeping our agriculture commodities best interests in mind.  I believe in taking care of what God has blessed us with and carrying on the traditions and skills that I have been a part of for five generations.  On May 12, please consider voting for me, Heather Freeman Clower, to serve you.  God Bless!

James “Jim” B. Nester  SR

James “Jim” B .Nester  SR.  102 Ram Rd. Parsons WV. Independent   Running   For Conservation District Supervisor. I decided to run for this office in 2012 when we had a lack of representation from Tucker Co. hoped to be able to make A difference. I think with the thousands of miles & numerous meetings I have attended has made a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a pretty good track record for attending all of my meetings representing Tucker co.  and Tygart Valley Conservation District.
A little bit about me .Married to Nancy Nester 46 Yrs. 1 son Jr. & Wife Betty of Parsons. Nancy and I have farmed successfully been running Nesters Polled Herefords for 41 years. Attending schools of Tucker Co. member of FFA. Shortly after high school I was drafted into the military for 2 yrs.  I  Served Tour in Vietnam.  Upon return was employed by West Virginia Telephone Co. I worked as a lineman And Service Tec. For 30 Yrs.  After retirement I served on the Farm Service Committee for 9 Yrs. before becoming a District supervisor in 2012 to present. I have been a member of West Virginia Farm Bureau 38 Years.

Tucker County Board of Education

Tim Turner

My name is Tim Turner and I am running for the Tucker County Board of Education. This will be my third term. There are two seats open in two different districts. I am the only person running in my district and would be honored to have your vote.
These are difficult times and our entire school system is working diligently to take care of our most precious resource-our students. Teachers are finding creative ways to present lessons and connect with students. Our cooks, bus drivers, secretaries, janitors and board office employees are all pitching in to make sure that students have access to food. Our counselors are reaching out to work with those students who have concerns.
As for the board, we made a commitment to work with our third-grade teachers to help them help third graders move to fourth grade with the skills they need to be successful. To that end, we have been able to hire three interventionist teachers whose main goal is to work with the third graders who need the help. We were not able to hire them as soon as we would have liked but we are sure students have and will benefit from this extra support. We are also making a commitment to hire a counselor for Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School. We have had a split position there for years and now we believe we have the finances to supply the  school with a full-time counselor. Our Carpentry Program is up and running; they have been making picnic tables and other items for sale. The Agriculture Program already has baby chicks and their greenhouse is filling up.
I am seeking reelection because of all of this and many other good things happening in our school system. It is the right thing to do and I am excited to be a part of it. Again, I ask for your vote.

Tucker County Commission

Jon Bush

I am seeking your vote for County Commissioner
  • I am 63 Years of Age
  • A Registered Republican – Shavers Fork Voting District
  • A Tucker County Resident Since May of 1989
  • I am a Husband, Father of Six, Grandfather of Thirteen
  • My Family was raised in Tucker County and Graduated from Tucker County Schools
  • Member of the First Baptist Church of Parsons
I am seeking Election for Tucker County Commissioner. I have been an active resident of Tucker County for the past 31 years and I am co-owner of Four Businesses with my Wife of 30 years Paula Sherman Tacy Bush. We have created jobs for more than 600 residents of Tucker & Randolph Counties over that 30 year period. I have always believed in Tucker County and have tried to be an asset to the growth of the County.
Hoping to be elected for another term where with the other Commissioners be able to see our County grow through tackling infrastructure problems and bringing in new business. It is our goal to provide a future where are Children can grow and find employment opportunities that allow them to live in Tucker County and raise their families.
I feel that I am well qualified for this position because of my extensive background in Business in Tucker County as well as my time as County Commissioner this last year.
We are currently involved in a number of County projects that I feel would be best served if we keep our current team together.
Our Thoughts & Prayers for all Tucker County Families During this trying time.

Michael “Mike” Rosenau

My name is Michael “Mike” Rosenau, son of the late Bill Rosenau and Sylvia Rosenau.  Married to Christine Guire Rosenau, we have three sons, Scott, Jason and Seth.  The joys of our lives are our seven grandchildren.
I am a 5th genderation Tucker Countian.  I know our history and where we have come from.  I don’t believe we should enforce fees unless we as a county have voted for them.  I think if our county commission is involved in various law suits we, as taxpayers, should be informed about them.  I want transparent government.
I served as your county commissioner from 2008 to 2014.  During that time, with the other commissioners and savings from previous commissioners we built an annex and made our court house handicap assessible.
Through careful planning, $5,750,000 and grants these projects were paid for in 3 1/2  years without raising your taxes or imposing fees to our residents.  Your county records are now stored in fire proof vaults and your court house is now assessible by all residents of our county no matter your ability or disability.
I worked with our state senator and representitives for the betterment of our county.  I have served on various boards and was also a Parsons City councilman.
I want less government control over our citizens.  I want jobs here so our children and grandchildren can make a living at home.  I love Tucker County and want only the best for us all.

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