Over 100 attend the Ruth and Arthur Lipscomb Family Reunion

Rodney , Mary (Lipscomb-Litman), Gary , Carol (Godfrey); Seated are Randolph, Jennie (Ferrell) holding “Jack” and Allen
Rodney , Mary (Lipscomb-Litman), Gary , Carol (Godfrey); Seated are Randolph, Jennie (Ferrell) holding “Jack” and Allen

The Annual Ruth and Arthur Lipscomb family reunion was held August 17, 2013 at the Ferrell Camp in Leadmine with over 100 people in attendance. The day’s events started out at 2 p.m. with the traditional circling of hands, reciting the Lords Prayer and counting off to see how many was in the circle. All seven of the remaining children of Ruth and Arthur was in attendance again this year. Following the pot luck lunch several prizes were given out. For the second year in a row the award for the oldest male and female went to , Allen (son) [88) and Ann (83}Lipscomb which also received the gift for the Longest Married (65 years long). Allen and Ann currently live in Florida. The newest married went to Shannon and John Wayne McDonald who were married in May of this year.


The youngest girl also for the second year in a row went to Karina Antunez (great -great grandaughter) (two and half). Karina is the great-granddaughter of Virginia (Jennie)( Lipscomb) Ferrell. The youngest boy was Hunter Abrams (great -great grandson) born June 7tof this year. Hunter is the great grandson of Allen Lipscomb. The “Littlest Lipscomb” award went to Hylton Ike Lipscomb-Zuspan (great-great grandson) seven months old. Hylton is the great grandson of the late Chet Lipscomb. The oldest grandchild present was Robert Lipscomb, Jr (70).
The 50/50 was won by Pedro Poe. After all the door prizes were given out some walked to the Pine Grove Family cemetery. Others took the trip to Parsons to participate in the local cake walk at the court house while others visited as the kids played in the creek that runs behind the camp. The day ended by joining around the campfire roasting hotdogs and marshmallows while catching up on the previous years events and reminiscing about the years gone by and the loved ones who have passed while looking forward to the year ahead…
The following were in attendance: Karol and John Underwood, Melissa (MeMe), William and Karina Antunez,  Madison Mak, Gary and Lynn Lipscomb, Kelly Hawn, Staci, Tehya and Jennie Smith, Calla Lipscomb, Joseph and Gavin Bohlman, Nicole, Marshall, Aubree and Marsella McClung, Malachi (Pedro) Poe, Ike, Debbie and Melissa Lipscomb, Trey Zuspan, Hylton Ike Lipscomb-Zuspan, Lois Hartman, Ryan and Ethan Lipscomb, Cindy McCann, Ruth and Rebecca Campbell, Frank Puskas, Susan Lipscomb, Robert Lipscomb, Jr, Emily and Wesley Nester, Dorte Stodrewann, Caity Lipscomb, Steven Muccioli, Donna, Evan, Sydney and Rob Ridgely, Carol Godfrey, PeeWee, Skipper and Mary Lou Niemenski, Marjre Berry, Mary Lipscomb Litman, Carrie, Joanna, Isaiah and Alexander Leary, Tracy Litman Churchel, Bob Churchel, Anna Jane (Lipscomb) and George Kellett, Shannon, John Wayne and Gabriel McDonald, Kathy and Rick Helmick, Lori, Tom and Nathaniel Lipscomb, Vera Knotts, Brenda Jones, Tina and Gary Dean Lipscomb Cherie, Jason Rachelle, Corey and Branden Freeman, Randolph and Nettie Lipscomb, Michael, Allen and Ann Lipscomb, Marty Kelley, Mark, Cheryl, Jeremy, Jonah and Bethany Lipscomb, Rusty and Nancy Collett, Bradley Dipietrantonio, Tink Knotts, Jennie Ferrell, Beth Cain, Sandy Wollschlager, Rodney, Shirley and, Julia Lipscomb, Kim (Lipscomb), Dora Grace and Rorry Isaiah Day, Punkin Lipscomb, Regan and Cameron, Powroznik, Jared Roy, Amiah White, Christy (Lipscomb), Chris, Alexis and Hunter Abrams

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