Parsons Turning Teal in September

For the second year, the city of Parsons has proclaimed September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and is working closely with Roxanne Bright to display teal throughout the city for the cause.


By Heather Clower
The Parsons City Council


            Once again, the Parsons City Council has agreed to declare the month of September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and participate in Turn the Town Teal.  Roxanne Bright, advocate for the cause and ovarian cancer survivor, submitted the request to the council and attended the recent meeting for the signing of the proclamation.  Councilman Tim Auvil read the proclamation that the council agreed upon unanimously to accept.  Bright stated, “I thank you for your support.”


The minutes from the August 18 meeting were approved with a motion from Auvil and a second by Councilwoman Melissa Jones.  Financial Administrator Danielle Sponaugle presented two invoices, the first in the amount of $60,601.27 and the second for $1,230.09.  Both were approved as presented.  City Administrator and Treasurer Jason Myers provided the revenue control reports for the general and coal severance funds, which were acknowledged with motions by Auvil, Jones, and Recorder Bruce Kolsun.  Myers also submitted an updated project list from the Harman Memorial Fund as of August 31.


Police City Chief J.E. Kopec gave the monthly police report stating the month of July yielded one felony arrest, two misdemeanor arrests, one speeding citation, one other citation, one public appearance, and 12 code enforcement public contacts.  The code enforcement pertains to matters in violations of ordinances such as excessive grass growth and blocking meetings.  Chief J.E. Kopec also announced that Lt. Col. H. Ripley Rawlings IV, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, is in the process of publishing a fictional book based around the Tucker County area.  Kopec the retired marine author around the county and introduced him to the area several months ago while also talking to locals available at the time.  Even though the book does not become available until September 29, Lt. Col. Rawlings stopped by the police station and provided a copy to Kopec.


Auvil reported on behalf of the fleet committee expressing a need to enclose the fuel tanks to protect them from drawing condensation and adding water to the fuel causing issues within the equipment.  In addition, it was suggested to treat the fuel every time a new shipment is delivered.  Myers stated that prior to building a structure, it is his desire to install new tanks to replace the current, older units.  Until such time, Councilman David Greenlief reiterated that the employees need to continue to treat each delivery of fuel to prevent damage to the equipment.


Myers took over the committee reports, stating, “Our CRS, that’s community rating system, renewal has been submitted.”   He feels all is well within the report and expects another renewal, though announced an in person meeting will be required next year.  This was to happen during 2020, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it was postponed another year.


Fairfax has contacted the city in preparation of adding a ready mix plant to the area which will be next to Central Supply.  Due to the location lying in the flood plain, Fairfax is ensuring they do not only meet the codes, but plan to exceed them.  A quote has been received for $4,200 to install the necessary water line to equip the plant with city water, which will be covered by Fairfax.  “They pay for everything but the meter,” Myers explained.


The public hearing for the proposed garbage ordinance will take place at the next meeting on September 15.  In order to clarify, Myers explained that the city bills in arrears 45 days.  This means bills received on or around October 1 will be for usage from August 15 until September 15.  This proposal also includes the option for residents to take advantage of a once per month bulk item pickup.  Each customer will be limited to two items and they must call at least two days prior to schedule a pick up.  Items set out that do not comply with the scheduling requirements will not be picked up.  For each additional item, there will be a $25 fee and tires will not be accepted. The ordinances are posted for public review on the city Facebook page.


The city garbage truck has been experiencing issues and is currently in the shop for repairs.  The Community Center bathrooms are complete along with the electrical work and keypad locks.  A contract has been signed with Atlantic Broadband to install internet and the side porch project has also been completed.


The expression swing sets are set to be installed at Mill Race Park around September 18.  Councilwoman Amy Wagner asked if there were plans to expand River City Park which lead to a discussion for the future desires of that park.  Ideas mentioned included planting trees and installing pavilions for shade, and a soccer field suitable for levels U6 to U13.


Sponaugle has been working closely with the website designer to finish the city website which will open several convenient options for residents.  The Blueprint Community is working on their strategic plan and the information for the Pocket Park is going to the Mills Group.  The goal is to present three proposals to the public for a vote which will still need the council’s approval.


Shavers Fork Properties has expressed an interest in leasing a small lot owned by the city which will come to the council at a later date.  The contract from MicroLogic is being waited on to move forward with the tower construction to assist the 911 communications.  The cemetery mapping project is also still in progress which will offer ease to families locating their loved ones burial site.


Work recently began on the Parsons Sewer Extension Project, though the wet weather has made for slow progress.


A letter requesting permission from Mark and Barbara Wright to install a septic system on their property.  The letter was read and Myers stated he spoke with the residents and Operator John “Red” Lipscomb, and stated he has no issues with their request.  Auvil agreed, stating, “Due to the circumstances, I totally understand.”  Auvil then made the motion to approve the request contingent upon the purchase of the necessary property and approval from the Tucker County Health Department.  Kolsun made a second and the council agreed unanimously.


Greenlief made the motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Auvil.  The Parsons City Council will reconvene on Tuesday, September 15 at 6 p.m.

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