Parsons Volunteer Fire Department to sponsor fund-raiser

The Parsons VFD has begun a bulk laundry and kitchen products fundraiser.

The products range from five gallon buckets of laundry soap, bleach, and fabric softener in pods and liquid, to dishwashing pods and industrial-strength cleaners and degreasers. The products are very reasonably priced and all funds raised go toward the operation of the PVFD.

This will be an ongoing fundraiser for the fire department. The PVFD will be taking orders four to five times a year so there will be every opportunity to stay stocked with all your everyday supplies. To place an order see any PVFD member or contact the PVFD on their Facebook page. The first order cycle will end Feb. 6 with delivery around two weeks after that.

The PVFD is always looking for ways to self-sustain its operation so this is just another effort made to raise money for operations, while providing supporters with a product. “Fundraising is always an issue for my men,” stated Chief Kevin White, “They work fifty hours a week to provide for the families, spend many hours training and answering fire calls so it is difficult for them to find more time for fundraising.”

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