Randolph County Recycling Center Receives a Plaque for the 2013 Honor Roll

On August 11, 2013, Randolph County Recycling Center was presented a plaque for the 2013 Honor Roll Award by the IWLA National Director Gary Meade. This award is given to non-members (groups or individuals) for outstanding achievements in conservation. Joseph Gumm is the Director of the Randolph County Recycling Center and received the award at the annual Mountaineer Chapter barbecue held on the chapter grounds. This organization is run by retired and semi-retired individuals who donate their time to making the community cleaner. The workers receive a small salary or no salary at all. There are only two full time paid employees. All the employees are very passionate about keeping West Virginia’s mountains green and waters clean. Their dedication to conservation was the motivation for the Mountaineer Chapter in submitting the company for the IWLA conservation award.

The Recycling Center is located at #10 11th Street, Elkins, WV and is licensed and permitted to provide recycling for the city of Elkins, a city of 7,000 people. The citizens of Elkins and the surrounding areas recycle on a volunteer basis at the present since the population is under 10,000 and not required by law to recycle. The organization, cleanliness ofthe facility and the professionalism of the staff encourages people to recycle. There is very little advertisement of this company’s attributes and any information about this recycling center is by word of mouth.

The following is an average monthly take:

corrugated cardboard 4.0 tons

newspapers 7.stons

magazines 7.5 tons

office papers 2.0 tons

#1 plastics Y, tons

#2 plastics Y, tons

aluminum cans 800 +

steel cans 1,200 +

In addition to the items recycled, they provide shredding for local businesses and the public with privacy

as a top priority. The Randolph County Recycling Center may be reached at 304-636-2691 or



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