St. John’s Church Holds Annual Picnic

St. John’s United Methodist Church, of Parsons, celebrated summer with its annual Church Picnic held on Sunday, June 30 at Millrace Park. Following regular morning worship services, Sunday school was cancelled to allow families extra time to gather their things for the picnic.

The meal consisted of grilled hotdogs and hamburgers with all the fixings, provided by the Sunday School, complimented with a host of old-fashioned favorite covered dish sides and desserts.
Following the meal, individuals enjoyed a host of games including volleyball, badminton, bocce ball, corn hole and croquet. Others simply visited with one another, while the children took advantage of the fun-filled play equipment of the park. Of course, no one was safe from an occasional unexpected cold douse from a squirt gun.

st johns methodist church
st johns methodist church

The day ended with a vesper service led by Rev. Philip Dent, Pastor of the church, who focused on Mark 4:35-41, “crossing to the other side with Christ” in our spiritual journey. The events of the day were celebrated by 79 individuals including: Wanda Fike, Charlie and Debbie Davis, Linda Gatto, Gabby Maxwell, Joyce Metheny, Harold and Joyce Fansler, David and Beverly Bennett, Steve and Mary Swisher, Paul and Alisa Poling, Arlie and Snookie Davis, Martin and Jean Wilmoth, Judy Fairbanks, Lorren, Anna and April Fitzwater, Mary Grado, Axle, Paige, Dewayne, Justin and Christian Purnell, Randy, Ariel and Aurora Hall, Ernest Carr, Mike Evans, Kenneth Fansler, Ed and Delores McDonald, Jim Strawderman, Jason, Rhonda and Sadie Ends, Lawrence and Katy Ends, Clarice Knotts, Joe, Stormie, Isaiah and Gary Meloy, Josh, Mellisa, Luke and Titus Bowley, Jennifer Ends, Grace Stevens, Sandie Hockman, Warren, Sarah, Marrisa and Cameron Judy, Dick and Willetta Bolinger, Angie, Taylor and Ryan Scott, Jimmy and Dorothy Judy, Angie Swisher, Ryan Hart, Jack and Linda Hockman, Isaac Bowley, Becky Bours, Steven Evans, Linda Lawrence, Rev. Phil, Tracey, Lacey, Brandon and Emily Dent.

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