St. John’s UMC welcomes back Rev. Dent

On July 13 , Saint John’s United Methodist Church held a welcome back dinner for Rev. Phil Dent and his family. After the covered dish dinner, the entertainment theme for the evening was “This is your life Rev. Dent”, organized by PPR Chairman Paul Poling. The program started with the Youth Choir doing their best impression of the “George Jefferson strut” and singing “Moving on Up” with the lyrics changed to fit Rev. Dent. The teens also shared their best “Philisms” or quotes from Rev. Dent.

Axle Purnell then showed some memorable clips of Rev. Dent’s sermons (or movements) set to music. This was followed by photos of Rev. Dent and his family through the years set to music by Lacey Dent. Paul officially welcomed the Pastor and his family back for another year by expressing the church’s appreciation for all that the Pastor and his wife Tracey and their children Lacey, Brandon and Emily do for the welfare of the church. The evening ended with the youth choir singing their rendition of “Welcome Back” set the music of “Welcome Back Kotter”.

Those in attendance were: Rev. Phil, Tracey, Lacey, Brandon, and Emily Dent, Josh Evans, April Fitzwater, Mary Grado, Hope Hart, Daniel Moore, Cheri Moore, David and Beverly Bennett, Harold Fansler, Joyce Fansler, Mike Evans, Riley Strawderman, Jean Wilmoth, Joyce Metheny, Steve and Mary Swisher, Katy Ends, Jason and Rhonda, Sadie and Matthew Ends, Jennifer Ends, Chrys, Tara, Braelynn, Dakota “Cody” Yarbrough, The Purnell Family, The Meloy Family, Angie Swisher, Ryan Hart, Amber Price, Willetta and Dick Bolinger, Taylor Scott, Grace Stevens, Wanda Fike, Wilda Henline, Paul and Alisa Poling, Rachel and Kennedy Aker, Louella McElrath, Dominique Meadows, Craig Wilfong, and Emma, Kirsten Reall, Brett Reall, Sonny and Patty Wilfong, Clarice Knotts, Joyce Fansler, Jim Strawderman, Don and Mary Snyder, Victor and Ruth Beckman.


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