Town of Davis Looking to Begin Over $1 Million Improvements

The Davis Town Council provided the third and final reading of the Waterworks Bond Ordinance at the meeting held on June 24.

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Greg Belcher with Chapman Technical Group and John Stump with Steptoe and Johnson Law Firm were present at the Davis Town Council meeting to discuss the upcoming improvement projects plans. Belcher began recapping the bid opening taking place on May 28 with two contractors bidding on the construction portion of the project, which will be at the plant, and one for conducting the water main work in town. “The bids did come in under budget by like $80 some thousand dollars,” stated Belcher, which was expected and resulted in added alternates being included. For the plant, added alternates include replacing all raw water pump and control pipes. On the distribution side of the project, added alternates include (in order) a handheld data collector for meter readings, replacement of the water meters in town using touch reads, specific lids needed for the new meters, and the final alternate was the labor for installation of the former two. “The additive over at the water plant was $72,000,” Belcher explained. With permission from the Infrastructure Council, they were permitted to spend the underrun funds, which will allow purchase of the handheld and meters if the town can install the meters and drill the lids. Mayor Doug Martin confirmed they would be able to perform that work.

The closing date for the funds for the project is set for August 5, with the only hurdle Belcher was aware of was on the revenue for the town, which has been down over the previous two years on the commercial side. “He (Stump) is going to have to sign a certificate prior to the bond closing that says your rates are sufficient to generate revenue to pay operating and maintenance expenses and long term debt and right now he’s on the fence,” claims Belcher.

Stump took the opportunity to speak briefly on the rate issue, stating that statewide it has been a trend to see residential usage increase while commercial has decreased due to the COVID related shutdown. He stated that once June 30, 2020 numbers have been finalized, a much better overall financial statement will be available and offer a more sufficient estimate. “If you have tourism attractions or universities or colleges, you’ve gotten hammered, hit hard,” said Stump in correlation to the pandemic.

Councilman Al Tomson read the third and final reading of the waterworks bond ordinance, which will not exceed $1,750,000. Felton made the motion to move forward on the project with a second by Tomson. Stump added that the ordinance is to authorize the bond issue up to the $1.75 million to perform the work needed. The actual borrowing amount is $1,250,000 with a three percent interest rate over the course of 20 years. The closing date when the funds will transfer won’t happen until August 5, after which time work can begin. This loan amounts to approximately $7,000 each month for the town of Davis.

Greg Belcher of Chapman Technical Group and John Stump with Steptoe and Johnson Law Firm explained the process moving forward with the improvements planned for the town of Davis which are in excess of $1 million.

Minutes from the June 10 meeting were approved along with accounts payable, fund balances, and a revenue fund budget. Uncollectible accounts, more specifically that of the former 912 Brew Pub, was discussed to have removed from the books. A request from region Seven, those who handle the municipality block grants, submitted a request for $13,826.11, which passed with a motion from councilman Terry Helmick and a second by Councilman John Felton.

Helmick provided a list of jobs recently completed or underway for the streets, alleys, and waterworks. An employee recently underwent surgery and will remain off work until returning to the doctor on July 8.

Dirt was added to a couple graves at the cemetery. The parks, as well, as their restrooms are still closed. Tomson announced an ordinance that was passed for those residing in the town limits only allowing fireworks to be set off on July 4 and December 31 from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. Tomson recently spoke with some individuals who were setting them off prematurely which he stated was well received. He also spoke with the individual set up to sell fireworks in the area who has agreed to post signage that informs consumers of the regulations within the town. “We’re doing this because we’re sensitive to the needs and requirements of the elderly, of veterans that might have PTSD, and people with animals who are sensitive to things like thunder and fireworks,” said Tomson.

Recorder Andy Snyder made a request under new business to seek out an estimate for a sound and recording system to be installed within the council chambers. Felton made a motion to get the quote with a second by councilwoman Cindy Robeson and all in favor.

A building permit for a 14 by 40 foot storage unit to be erected on Ken Avenue was submitted and also approved by council. The Davis Town Council will reconvene on Wednesday, July 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall building.

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