On July 31st, the TCHD released that we had been notified of our 10Th COVID-19 case.  At that time, we stated that “additional testing and a thorough investigation were ongoing”.  Results of that work has determined that the individual was asymptomatic (had no symptoms). There was no epidemiological evidence of exposure that would support diagnosis and 2 negative results were received within 10 days of the first positive test collection date using a molecular amplification detection test. (The negative results were from two consecutive respiratory specimens collected ≥24 hours apart). Based on all those facts, according to the WV Office of Disease and Epidemiology this is now a “suspect case” and not a “confirmed case”. This positive will be removed from our county’s totals.  The individual and their contacts have been released from quarantine. We continue to investigate each case in a thorough manner to best protect the public’s health.

Additionally, a lab reported one case to us as “treat as a Positive”. That resident was retested and found to be “negative”.  This individual was exposed to another confirmed positive.  Based on guidance we have received the individual most likely has had some amount of the virus, but not enough to become infected or to be contagious.  Based on state guidance, this case is now “not a case”.

Yesterday, we were notified of another positive case, which once again we immediately investigated and had additional testing completed.  A second test was conducted and came back with a negative result.  This case most likely will become a “suspect case”.  But as of now, we are treating it as a “confirmed positive”.  TCHD has contacted people that have been identified as close contacts to the positive case.  Those contacts will be quarantined and monitored according to CDC protocol. We must do this to protect everyone involved and the public.

We truly understand that the numbers and all this can be complicated.  The numbers are much like the New York Stock Exchange, continuously changing.  Thus, when we give a number, its correct at that given time and it may be different in a few minutes or hours.  We understand that this can be confusing but rest assured that we are diligently working to get the most accurate information available to determine what must be done to protect everyone.  We work daily with our county’s clinics, multiple testing labs and the WV Office of Disease and Epidemiology to get the most up-to-date and reliable information available.  As of this morning, Tucker County has 11 positive cases, 2 are active and 9 are recovered.

Please continue to use all safety precautions especially, wearing a mask and socially distancing.  We Need to Take All the Precautions We Can to Slow the Spread, Reduce Illness and Save Lives!  Information and updates about COVID-19 @ tuckerhealthwv.com

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