Upcoming Pasta Palooza Benefits TCHS ProStart Program

Thomas, WV – The sixth annual Pasta Palooza will be held at Cortland Acres on Thursday, May 10 and benefits both the Tucker County High School ProStart Program and The Cortland Foundation.

Pictured left to right (Lilly Dillsworth and Collin Johnson)

Each plate is individually prepared by TCHS ProStart students and their program instructor, Carrie Shahan. To get ready for the event, Shahan and her student staff order over forty pounds of pasta, fifteen gallons of tomatoes for the different sauces and prepare a mountain of garlic bread. At least six students take care of preparing the various pasta items and two students are dedicated to re-filling various trays. In the past, students that have worked this event have even gotten job offers from businesses who have attended. The Pasta Palooza allows the students to show the community the skills they have learned while in the ProStart program.

“My students and I look forward to the Pasta Palooza each year,” explains TCHS ProStart program director Carrie Shahan. “They ask me at the beginning of every school year when it is and they sign up to work it months in advanced to make sure they get to help. This event also gives the students a chance to see how catering large events works and how much work goes into something like this to make it a success.”

Sponsored by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, ProStart is a nationwide, two-year high school program that gives students a chance to discover new interests and talents that can lead to fulfilling careers. ProStart’s industry-driven curriculum teaches culinary techniques and management skills, while also providing real-life experience opportunities that build practical skills.

Pictured left to right (Grayson Pennington, Alex Dyer, Garret Bolyard, Susan McCrum, and Shylynn Nestor)

The Pasta Palooza menu includes a variety of pasta and sauce options with a diverse selection of fresh ingredients to be added at your request such as crushed garlic, fresh spinach, meatballs, grilled chicken, sweet Italian sausage and much more. The menu also includes Caesar salad, garlic bread, freshly brewed ice tea or fresh squeezed lemonade and dessert.

Meals are provided upon donation. Your support benefits The Cortland Foundation and the Tucker County High School ProStart program. Reservations are required for the 5:30 PM and 6:45 PM seating times and may be made by calling 304-463-4181 or emailing lnelson@cortlandacres.org.

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