Wellness 24 Reopens Under Strict Guidelines

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Even though West Virginia Governor Jim Justice allowed for gyms and wellness centers to reopen, the city of Parsons waited until they felt comfortable, taking time to address all concerns and modify the facility for maximum safety. A meeting was held specifically to address this topic with City Administrator and Treasurer Jason Myers and the Parks and Recreation Board.

Board President Kennetha Greenlief called the meeting to order to discuss how Wellness 24 would proceed with reopening. According to the square footage, only 15 patrons will be allowed within the facility at one time. This number does not include the therapists, their clients, or the staff. Patrons will enter through the front door and be screened by staff with a touchless thermometer prior to being permitted to be in the building. If it is discovered that more than 15 individuals wish to use the facility at a time, time slots will be implemented, however this will only be enforced if needed.

Once cleared, guests will notice the equipment has been spread out as much as possible and only every other treadmill will be in use to enforce social distancing. Sanitizing stations will be in place and each member is responsible for disinfecting after use of each implement. Staff will be on hand during the new operating hours of 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. to clean and disinfect as needed.

Water fountains, lockers, and the seating areas will be off limits. Martial arts and dances. classes are yet to resume due to the attendee restriction. Signage will be posted throughout the building reminding guests of the CDC guidelines and regulations. Several members have a credit on their account pending the time frame of membership at the time of closure. Credits will not expire that have been extended due to the COVID-19 shut down, especially for those who do not yet feel comfortable being in public settings such as this.

“It’s the same thing everyone else is doing,” proclaimed Myers. “People are going to have to be patient.” Other than this article and a press release, word is being spread via social media and ample signage will be posted on the exterior doors and throughout the center. “I will not tolerate anyone yelling at our staff,” stated Myers. “Safety is our number one priority both for our staff and everyone else.”

For any questions pertaining not only to Wellness 24 guidelines, but any city entity reopening or municipality election, please contact the Parsons City Building at 304-478-2311.

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