Who, What, and Where is Granville Manor

Before telling you about our facility located in beautiful Tucker County, I would like to introduce you to our staff:
Nicole C Hudson, Administrator, Melissa Poling, Assistant Administrator, Melissa Edwards, Aide Supervisor, JoAnne Thompson, RN, Courtney Lawrence RN, Karla Anderson LPN, Kayla Gordon LPN, and our baker Ellie Huffman, and combined with numerous CNA, aides, and cooks with a multiple years of experience.
“Aging in place” is the mantra that business owners use for advertising our assisted or long-term care facilities. Who among us wouldn’t rather spend the final years — golden or less so — at home, surrounded by our cherished possessions, in our own bed, no institutional smells, or scheduled meals? But as caregivers, one must realize that, at some point, you or your loved one will not be able to live independently anymore. The next step may be setting up your or your loved one in an assisted living facility. But what exactly does that mean, what does it entail?granville
As an assisted living facility, Granville Manor offers a combination of housing, personalized help, supportive services, and healthcare designed to meet your or your loved one’s specific needs.  Our supportive services are around-the-clock and include dispensing of medication by a licensed nurse, bathing and dressing, housework, meals, snacks, activities, and scheduling doctor’s appointments if needed.
Residents at Granville Manor have their own private room and a semi-private half bath. The key factor at Granville is that there is constantly some level of supervision of the residents and responsibility for you or your loved one’s wellbeing.
Typically our residents arrive from their own homes, the homes of their children, nursing homes, or hospitals. Simply put, Granville Manor is ideal for someone who needs nursing and assisted care, and is far too frail to live at home anymore.
Granville Manor is licensed by West Virginia Office of Licensing and Health Facilities. As all licensed facilities here in the our state, we are mandated to include room and board, medication management, meals, the development of an individualized service plan, a qualified and certified staff, and a 24-hour, on-site staff, organization of recreational and social activities, and housekeeping.
Granville Manor also sets high hiring standards for our staff.  All our staff must be CPR/First Aide certified and must complete a series of ongoing training and had some previous experience working with elderly people. Nicole Hudson, Granville Manor’s Administrator stated, “We “weed out” those staff members quickly that doesn’t take their job seriously.  Our residents deserve only the best, and we employee only the best.”
Granville’s staff is there to assist with any special personal needs such as dressing, grooming, eating, bathing, and using the toilet and telephone. Granville now employees two full time nurses, and two part-time nurses to assist with all medical and medication needs, and developing an individual service plan.
Granville Manor also offers short term “respite care” at their facility. It is a measure of health care aimed not at the sick or frail person, but at the exhausted spouse, child or friend. Granville recognizes the strain on these family members — therefore we have decided to offer short-term respite stays.  To caregivers at the end of their rope, real respite means a short time away — what for anyone else would be called a vacation.
FACT: in regards to respite care: Congress passed the Lifespan Respite Act in 2006 to provide support for respite programs, but so far it has not appropriated any money to finance the act. We urge you to contact your local congressman to get this this bill up and running.  There our many families locally that could benefit from this program.
Granville Manor invites anyone that may be thinking of placing a loved one in an assisted care home to come by and check out our home-like atmosphere, cleanliness, well-kept grounds, and the type of residents living here.  Your loved ones well-being and your peace of mind depend on it. At Granville Manor you will find a place that feels like one big happy family!
Stop in or schedule a tour of our facility located at 413 Chestnut Street, Parsons.  304-478-1003
Sheila C Marshall, owner

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