Wireless Broadband Now Available in Tucker County Industrial Park

The Tucker County Development Authority announced the installation of reliable, high-speed wireless internet service to the Tucker County Industrial Park along Route 48 east of Davis. The project was made possible through a collaboration between the Tucker County Development Authority, National Youth Science Foundation, Pro Poly of America, and Micrologic Inc.

For Pro Poly of America, a tenant of the industrial park, gaining access to affordable broadband in the Tucker County Industrial Park is a great source of relief. When Pro Poly of America, a manufacturer of custom-designed products for the fire industry opened their Davis, West Virginia plant last year, they took a chance on the location. In a few short months, the plant flourished, added additional staff, and the need for a broadband solution became apparent.

The Tucker County Development Authority acted quickly and took the initiative to find an innovative solution to address the problem at the Tucker County Industrial Park. “Having access to affordable high-speed internet service is absolutely vital for companies in today’s economy,” said Steve Leyh, Executive Director of the Tucker County Development Authority. “The new wireless broadband service to the Tucker County Industrial Park will allow our existing tenant to grow while providing future tenants access to the speed and technology they need to function in a digital age.”

“The Development Authority came to us initially because they had an employer in their industrial park that was looking to expand but needed a faster and more reliable broadband speed than was currently available from the incumbent provider. We came up with a solution, but it involved a relay site from another location in the area. Steve was able to bring all parties together and complete the connection. A true win-win for Tucker County since both entities were able to improve their broadband connection,” said Mike Sherrell, Vice President of Micrologic.

The National Youth Science Foundation played a crucial role in the project by authorizing and providing electricity for a wireless relay point installed at its state-of-the-art National Youth Science Center located just east of the Industrial Park. “This is a great example of how we can effectively work together to upgrade essential infrastructure for the future of Tucker County,” said Dr. Andy Blackwood, Executive Director of National Youth Science Foundation.

With the new system in place, businesses locating in the Tucker County Industrial Park will now be able to access high-speed services directly through Micrologic. The current network can deliver speeds up to 100 Mbps but can be upgraded to deliver speeds of 500 Mbps if the demand is needed.

. For more information on the Tucker County Industrial Park call (304) 614-8839 or visit TuckerWV.com.

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