A New Stumpy’s

By Teri Cayton
The Parsons Advocate

Daphne Watkins, along with her family, has reopened the former Stumpy’s Restaurant with a new flair. The newly named Stumpy’s Country Creole Café is located on First Street in Parsons.  With Watkins background in the seafood industry and her upbringing in Mobile, Ala., it was only natural to lean toward Creole cooking.
Watkins left Mobile for a three week vacation and once reaching West Virginia, never wanted to go back.  She and her family live in Sully and she said, “It is the most beautiful place I have ever lived.  We love the people and we are treated as equals.”
“Once we are established, we plan to turn the ice cream stand into a quick stop for soup, sandwiches and drinks to go.  Our menu consists of as much fresh local produce and meats as possible.” Watkins stated.  She also said they plan to stay small for the time being and grow gradually so the menu will have more variety.
Watkins’ son, David Thompson is owner-operator, with Selena Thompson in the dining room.  Alex Hartman is kitchen manager-cook and Jessica White will be the baker.  Hours of operation are 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. seven days a week. You may reach them by calling 304-478-4712.

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