Board of Ed Holds Second Hearing and Reviews Superintendent

The Tucker County Board of Education held its regular meeting Monday, February 17, 2014. With one member of the Board absent (T. Turner) the meeting was called to order by President J. Parsons. Following the pledge and having neither delegations pertaining to agenda items nor agenda adjustments, the Board moved on to consent items.

The Board approved the minutes from the previous regular meeting.

Upon review and with no questions the Board approved the vendor accounts, paid bills, and payroll register.

The Board approved the following volunteer assistant coaches:

Ed Kachmarek- High School Boys and Girls Asst. Track Coach

Denzil Evans – High School Boys Asst. Baseball Coach

The Board approved a change to the next meeting date to: Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

The Board approved the following Job Shadow Work Sites:

Garrett County Memorial Hospital- Oakland, MD

Performance Motors- Parsons, WV

Shell Wind Energy- Mount Storm, WV

The reviewed the transportation report.

The Board then moved on to committee reports.

Board Vice-President J. Preston reported on her recent attendance at the faculty senate meeting at DTEMS. Preston brought forth their concerns to the Board and their commendation for the wonderful job their custodian, Don Canfield had been doing.

Board member, M. Parsons, reported that the County Commission had publically posted the 4-H Director position.

Having no delegations pertaining to non-agenda items, the Board moved on to Personnel Matters.

The Board accepted the resignation of Justin Godwin as Head Baseball Coach of TCHS.

The Board moved into executive session to discuss the Superintendent’s evaluation. At 5:30 p.m. the Board suspended the executive session in order to hold the second of two required special public hearings.

Several teachers were in attendance of the public hearing as well as one citizen. The Board opened the floor for comments and questions regarding the state- mandated required changes to the school calendar next year.

Each teacher present made sure to let it be known that they were not representing their respective schools but themselves and their own opinions. They all shared a common concern about the timing of the WestTests, once that testing is over it is very hard to keep students focused and on task. The general consensus was that spring break was an important break for students but that the Thanksgiving break was something that might be looked at. Various concerns regarding shortening this break were discussed.

As mentioned in previous articles by The Parsons Advocate, the state now mandates that all students must have 180 instructional days, all 2-hour delays needing made up , and several other changes to the school year involving both students and staff.

Upon completion of the public hearing, the Board returned to executive session. Following executive session the Board adjourned.

The Board provided the following official statement regarding Superintendent Dr. Eddie Campbell’s review:

“Dr. Campbell has well satisfied the Tucker County Board of Education. He meets or exceeds the standards set out in the Superintendent’s Performance Evaluation policy in all areas.”

The next meeting of the Tucker County Board of Education will be held Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. at the Board office 100 Education Lane, Parsons, West Virginia.

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