Bob Fala Pens Second Book

The Upland Alleghenies, sixteen years of West Virginia Woodcock and Grouse Coverts is the second book to be penned by Bob Fala.

Bob Fala Pens Second Book
image courtesy of/ Pixabay

From the Hatfields – McCoy Feud country of its southern Coalfields to its highlands at Canaan Valley, experience the ‘Upland Alleghenies’ of West Virginia. Visit the hunting coverts of the ruffed grouse, American woodcock and a Bobwhite quail or two for good measure. Travel with the hunters, and their bird dogs for all the adventures, trials and tribulations along the way.

From walking smack dab into a major pot patch to separating a bird dog from a poisonous snake to even its random battle with a wild beaver as well as other harrowing and “dog gone” encounters, this is just a small sampling. These and other events are straight out of the actual field journals of the past “sweet” sixteen hunting seasons (1998 – 2013) in the Mountain State uplands.

Fala, the author of Ramblin’ Outdoors, is a certified wildlife biologist. He resides in Chapmanville and has a part-time home on Canaan Valley. The Upland Alleghenies can be purchased at McClain Printing in Parsons, the Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge in Canaan Valley or by contacting Fala at

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