City Election Certified, Davission Brothers to Perform Free Concert

The board of canvassers (mayor and city council) met on Tuesday, June 17 and found all election results to be accurate and certified the results of the city’s General Election.

City Administrator, Jason Myers, informed council that The Davisson Brothers Band, which had to cancel their performance at the Fireman’s Homecoming due to a family emergency, wish to reschedule their concert. Council gave their approval and the band will perform live at Mill Race Park, in Parsons, on August 15, 2014. This concert will be the end of the summer Friday Night’s in the Park finale.

Tim Auvil, speaking on behalf of the Park Board, gave an update on their recent meeting. He stated that new roofs are being installed at Mill Race Park, except on the stage, by the Rubenstein Center cadets and wants to make sure that they are acknowledged for the fine work they are doing. The stage will be scheduled for next year. Bathroom facilities at the parks will be open during activities and will lock automatically at 11 p.m. A Half pipe is planned as an addition to the Skate Park. Auvil added that the Babe Ruth team and Friends of the Skate Park will be operating the concession stand at River City Park during any activities. Auvil reported that the Men’s Softball league will be in action again this year. Arrangements were made for waivers to be signed in lieu of insurance. New playground equipment for River City Park is being priced and decided upon. Council approved the purchase of the playground equipment up to $17,000. A basketball court is being planned for Mill Race. Kirk Snider has offered to donate some soccer goal sets to the park board and plans are in the works to add a soccer field to River City Park above the skate park area.

Salary increases for the new city administration taking office on July 1 was approved by the Parsons City Council at Tuesday’s meeting. Salaries for the Mayor, new council members and the recorder will double for fiscal year 2014-15. Council will go from $600 to $1,200; Recorder will increase from $900 to $1,800; and the Mayor will now receive $2,400 instead of the previous salary of $1,200.

Building and Construction Ordinances were once again discussed at the meeting. It was stated that the city will have to adopt the International Code that the Federal and State governments currently use. An up to date code is becoming increasingly important for the city to receive assistance that might be available. All citizens are urged to become educated on what these changes will mean for you. Most of the changes will only affect “New” construction. No decisions have been made and the proposed code will be discussed by the building commission. Please talk to members of the city administration to get the details.

In other business, council tabled the purchase of a traffic decelerator device, a petition to convert Bristol Avenue from a private way to a public way, and the Parsons Police Department Eyewitness Identification Policy pending additional information. Council also asked Chief Rowe to price a new vehicle for the police department before they approve large repairs to the current vehicle.

Council approved the purchase of a new AR-15 Smith and Wesson Rifle for the city police department with the trade in of the Bushmaster the city currently owns.

Mayor Judy presented outgoing council members Pete Roy, Phil Fansler, and Dave Gidley with Certificates of Appreciation for their service to the City of Parsons. New council members Pam Ruediger, Pat Gray, and Bruce Kolsun will take office at the next city council meeting.

The next meeting of the Parsons City Council is scheduled for Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers of the Charles W. “Bill” Rosenau Municipal Building.

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