City of Parsons Proclaims April, Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Mayor Dorothy Judy proclaims April as Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month. This proclamation serves to renew the community commitment to preventing child abuse and neglect and work to enable our children to realize their full potential. It further states that the City of Parsons is committed to supporting our children and stable families.

Mayor Judy also proclaimed April as Sexual Assault Awareness month. This proclamation states that the City of Parsons joins advocates and communities across the country in playing an active role to prevent sexual violence.

City Administrator/Treasurer, Jason Myers, presented a letter from the State of West Virginia Office of the State Auditor stating that the Levy Estimate (budget) had been approved as presented. The Levy must now be presented to hear and consider any objections and to officially adopt the levy rates as proposed.

Myers, presented the city’s bills to council and they agreed to pay the invoices and costs as presented in the amount of $20,289.09.

Council members heard recommendations for the surveying of the old city maintenance garage property with the goal of selling said property. The city has recently purchased property in Bretz to house the maintenance equipment. David Heckler will be removing the heaters from the old maintenance garage to the new facility in Bretz. This use of the heaters will be a cost saving measure for the City of Parsons.

A proposal was presented to the council for the purchasing of electronic timer locks and door closures for the bathrooms in the city parks. Council agreed to approve this proposal. In other matters relating to the park, Foam Coat Roofing and Coatings presented an estimate to repair and coat the tennis courts in Mill Race Park in the amount of $16,000. Council voted unanimously to approve this estimate.

Councilman Pete Roy voiced concerns over the Parsons Railroad Depot and asked that the council meet with the Board of Directors of the Depot to ascertain the future plans for the building. He stated that he knows of people who have shown an interest in using the building. Mayor Judy stated that she believes it is going to be used for a couple of weeks this year during Art Spring for art classes and displays with the assistance of PRO. Council agreed to contact the board and request a meeting.

Council voted to designate the south side of Central Avenue from Dibacco’s residence to the Thompson’s residence as a No Parking Zone do to lack of space.

The council also agreed to hire people for positions with the Solid Waste Department, Cemetery, and Public Safety Department as per the Personnel committee’s recommendation. Kellan P. Harper was hired as a part time Sanitation Laborer to work 15 hours a week or as needed. Jackson Helmick, Sr. and Steve Malone were hired as Seasonal Groundskeepers at the Parsons Cemetery until October 31, 2014. Helmick is to be in a supervisory position. William D. Rowe, of Gilman, was hired to fill the position of Chief of Police and Terry R. Queen was hired as a part-time as needed patrolman at the rate of $12 per hour.

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