Clinic Hopes To Renew Discussions With BOE

PARSONS – The Tucker County Board of Education met in regular session this past week. With all members present the meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was held. Having no delegations pertaining to agenda items the board went on to approve agenda adjustments requested by the Superintendent.

The board went on to hear two special presentations.

Director of Support Services, Jonathan Hicks, reported on an upcoming space study that would be conducted for TVEMS with one objective to be the moving of the Pre-K from its current location to TVEMS. The information gained from the space study will be used to help apply for a Needs Project with the School Building Authority. Hicks requested a work session with the board, which was tentatively scheduled for the end of September.

Paul Wamsley, of the St. George Medical Clinic was in attendance. The clinic was represented by attorney David Sims who addressed the board on the issue of bringing back discussions regarding a school based health clinic. The clinic wishes to build only one building at this point at TVEMS off site of the school but still on the property. They would like to build a 1232 square foot structure which would house three exam rooms, two restrooms, other functional spaces and be handicapped accessible.

Sister Helen, executive director of Sisters of St. Joseph’s Health and Wellness Foundation spoke briefly to the board. She said it would be a great way for kids to get their healthcare right in school. She said that the foundation was willing to contribute $91,000 in funds to support construction of the building.

Board Vice-President Parsons asked if the construction of the building would be put up for bid. This had been a matter of concern the during the original discussions two years ago.

Sims reassured the board that it would be in accordance with all the rules and regulations.

“We really want to do whatever it takes to get the project moving forward,” Sims said.

Following special presentations the board reviewed each consent items individually and then approved or accepted them as a whole.

Following are some of consent items of interest:

*During the monthly financial report by Dave Lambert, it was noted that the Vocational Department of Tucker County High School has been actively pursuing and receiving several good grants for its department.

*Administration presented the board with an agreement from Blue Bird Bus Sales of Pittsburgh, Inc. for the purchase of a new 77 passenger school bus. The state does the bidding out and provides the local boards with a list of bids for them to choose from. The board asked if there were another old bus able to be sold. The board also expressed their desire to the administration to be presented with several options to choose from the next time a purchase is requested.

*The board approved an out of state field trip request from Brian Covell and the TCHS ProStart Class to travel to Oakland, MD to cater an event at First United Bank and Trust.

*The board approved Minear Farms as a work-based learning site for student placement.

After consent items the board entertained information reports.

* The upcoming October scheduled OEPA visit to the county was discussed and the board had information to review regarding the A-F grading scale for schools.

*President Preston gave the RESA7 report where the State Board stated its goal was to improve student performance. It was also reported that there would be no more funds for student enrichment programs.

* Vice-President Parsons gave the 4-H report that the county fair is this week and has a lot of 4-H and Vo-Ag participants. J. Preston noted that the farmers market in Thomas boasted 15 vendors this past week.

The board then entertained delegations pertaining to non-agenda items.

*Mary Snelson of WVEA spoke on behalf of the Tucker County Education Association. She reported that they were sponsoring a food -drive walk which will be open to the public and is tentatively slated for Saturday, October 20, 10:30a.m. at TCHS.

*Snelson also expressed the concern of the group of teachers that she represents stating their concern about the recent wage increases for several administration positions. They questioned why the wage increases only went to men. They also stated that in spite of the recent state-wide salary increase to teachers that Tucker County teachers were still on the low end of the state average teacher’s wages. They did, however, say that they were glad the board was planning another levy and that they would like to take an active part in helping with the levy committee.

Following delegations the board entered Personnel Matters where it went into executive session. Upon returning from executive session it was announced that no action was taken. Superintendent Campbell requested that his previous agenda adjustment regarding personnel be pulled.

The board went on to approve the following personnel matters:


Jamie Chenoweth- Math teacher, DTEMS, full time.

Olivia Snider- Art teacher, TVEMS, full time.

Lori Mullenax, Clint Bennett, Shana Wratchford, and Stephanie Hood- substitute teachers, 2014-2015.

Arthur (Sonny) Carr- substitute bus operator.

Tina Price- substitute custodian.


Arthur (Sonny) Carr- bus operator.

Medical Leave:

Peggy A. Evans- cook, TVEMS


Donna Davis- long-term substitute cook, TVEMS

Donna Davis- substitute cook.

Terry Simmons- substitute bus operator.

Having no further business the board adjourned. The next meeting of the Tucker County School Board will be held on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at the Board of Ed Annex. For more information call 304-478-2771.


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