Commission Agrees to Allow VA Clinic to Be Built on Commission Property, if Bid Approved

By Lois Lambert
The Parsons Advoate
Roxanne Tuesing, the executive director of the Tucker County Senior Center asked the Tucker County Commission to write a letter approving the construction of a new Veteran’s Administration building on commission property.
The Tucker County Senior Center has been working with the Veterans Administration for the past three years trying to get the clinic to remain in Tucker County.  Roxanne Tuesing told the commissioners at their regular meeting. “We are now in the bidding process for a new clinic, and hopefully, we will be permitted to build that on Tucker County Commission land adjacent to the senior center, in Parsons. I would need a letter of approval from you the commission stating that, if we get the bid, we will be allowed to place this building on county commission land.”  Tuesing went on to say that the bid was due by 10 a.m. on Monday, August, 19.
Commissioner Mike Rosenau stated, “Good, this all sounds good to me, Roxanne.” He then asked where the building would be constructed on the property.
“If they accept the bid process, the building will be located at the corner of the property, directly across from the current VA building,” Tuesing said.
“That is on the south side of the pavilion,” said Commissioner Lowell Moore.
Tuesing stated that it will be a new free standing unit. “The current building is no longer usable by the VA.  It does not meet their code or criteria.” stated Tuesing citing information received from Beth Brown, administrator in charge. “We will lose some of our grassy area,” Tuesing said, “but we will gain a very nice building and one or two more jobs at the VA Clinic.”
Rosenau said those were pluses for him and that the Senior Center would still receive revenue from rent paid by the VA and would also have the existing building to use for a rental space or put to other use.  Tuesing agreed.
Commissioners voted to instruct Tucker County Prosecuting Attorney Ray LaMora III to write a letter stating the commission will permit the construction of a new VA Clinic, if approved.
Tuesing had further business to bring before the commission. She requested on behalf of the Hendricks City Council for a meeting with the Commission to discuss the repairs needed on the swinging bridge. 
Tuesing then asked the commission about the “Flood Project Inspection” status. “Do you have any plans to have someone go around this year to look at flood gates and see what may need done?” Tuesing asked.
Tuesing went on to explain that the project was started in 1997 and completed in 2001 and that there has not been any significant river flooding in the county since that work began.
Rosenau stated, “We (the commission) would be happy to work with the municipalities on this, but we could not take the lead.”
In other business, Joel Goughnour stated that he had received a revised flood ordinance from Charlie Baker and had forwarded it to Ray LaMora to see if it stands ready for public meetings.   Additionally,  Goughnour informed the commissioners that he spoke with Fletch Adkins in Charleston and that is appears that funds will be available for the elevator security cameras and monitors and also  for secure entrances for judges.
Darla Stemple stated that it had been an expensive week for Emergency Services.    Stemple stated than an indirect lightning strike had caused the paging system to be down, but it was repaired within 12 hours.  She further informed the commissioners that the air conditioning unit in the server room had to be replaced at a cost of $2,400, and the new Lenox system complete with an external condensate pump had been installed.  Stemple stated that repairs to the old system were not feasible as they had been having problems for eight years.  Stemple asked the commission’s approval to attend a free GIS training class, which is a multi-hazard training in mapping for floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, etc.  Commissioner Rosenau said, “Anything that makes us safer, I am all for.”
The commission agreed to extend an invitation to the Historic Landmark Commission to attend the next regular commission meeting to present their annual report.  Commissioner Hinkle stated, “I think it would be nice for any authority board to come to a public meeting and present their reports, especially if they receive county money.”
In unfinished business, Commissioner Rosenau stated that the courthouse annex is getting closer to completion and that final approval from the fire marshal had been received.  Hinkle added that a slow move would be starting in the next week and Moore stated that we have received our certificate of occupancy.
Rosenau stated, “With that, comes the question of janitorial services.  I think we will need additional help, but I’m not sure how much.”  Hinkle stated “I believe it is critical to have someone in place, cleaning the annex from the start, so I’m in favor of some part-time help, at least to begin with.”  The commission voted to advertise for a part-time custodial position.
The next regular Tucker County Commission meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m., August 28, 20013 in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom.

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