Commission Approves Hiring Extension Agent Program Assistant

During its regular meeting on March 12, the Tucker County Commission accepted the recommendation of Tucker County Extension Agent, Jennifer Poling and approved the hiring of Jessica Streets for the Program Assistant position with a start date of March 16, 2014. Poling stated, “We interviewed four candidates, all qualified and Tucker County residents, but we feel Jessica best fits the job requirements. She has years of experience with 4-H and FFA.”

Rob Burns, Executive Director of the Tucker Community Foundation, requested that the commission continue its $5,000 funding of “Run for It”.

Commissioner Rosenau replied, “I want to make sure it stays the same. If we contribute this money, that it will only be spent on Tucker County teams.” Rosenau continued, “How much money has been generated for just Tucker County from our seed of $5,000?”

“I don’t have a break down with me of the amount for Tucker County alone.” Stated Burns . “But Run for It generated a total of $145,000 last year.”

Commissioner Hinkle, who is employed by the Tucker Community Foundation added, “We have that in a report and I can get it to you. We track everything.”

Burns added that last year’s winners, Team Hannah, Mountaintop Readers, Five Rivers Library, Riverfront Ramblers and Fresh Canvas received cash awards that go to the Davis Parks, the two libraries, and youth activities in and around Davis. He also stated that Fresh Canvas received awards that go specifically to programs in our schools.

Hinkle added, “Last years $5,000 contribution helped to leverage more than $93,000 for Tucker. As Run for It, grows, so does the Leaf Peeper Festival.”

Lowell Moore said, “It’s a great investment for our money and Tucker County.”

The commission approved Burn’s request with Rosenau and Moore voting for the donation and Hinkle abstaining, due to her employment with the Tucker Community Foundation.

Dustin Luzier with the Community Corrections Program stated that they had seven people complete the program last month. He added, “We decided to go by ourselves this year instead of partnering with Randolph and Pocahontas. So we have been busy grant writing for funding.”

Darla Stemple, 911 Director, reported that Google Earth had been updated in November and that the photos are very clear. She further stated that there has been some problems with the Internet and that she had been in contact with Brandon of Electronic Specialties.

In other business the commission announced that they would be have a meeting with the EMS, and Mr. Henry to hear the J.R. Henry report of the EMS on Wednesday, March 25, 2014 at 1p.m. in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom.

The commissioners voted to appoint Michael Rosenau to the Tucker County Conventions Visitors Bureau board as a non-voting member.

The next regular meeting of the Tucker County Commission will be on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 4 p.m. in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom.

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